Street Fighter X Tekken character guides by the EventHubs community

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • January 31, 2013 at 11:12 a.m. PST
Street Fighter X Tekken character guides by the EventHubs community If you haven't hit up the Street Fighter X Tekken section of the EventHubs forums looking for information, you're missing out, as a number of readers have been providing a lot of great content on how to play specific characters — from combos to general strategies, and quite a lot more. While many of these haven't been updated for v2013, much of the information is still relevant to the current game, and you can always compare what's here with the current list of changes.

If you're new to the game, you should read FatMus2's beginner's guide as it walks you through all of the system mechanics and basic information you should know. Here are links to specific character threads with solid information.

Street Fighter characters
Chun-Li guide by Zombiebrian
Hugo guide by OffDaCh3n3y
Ibuki guide by Keyblade
Juri guide by BloodyNights
M. Bison guide by ChipsLight
Poison guide by Thai Senpai
Vega guide by Skye
Zangief guide by xxMarshy

Tekken characters
Bob guide by xxMarshy
Bryan guide by Links
Heihachi guide by FatMus2
Hwoarang guide by SouperJimmy
Jin guide by Sulfur
Julia guide by Keyblade
King guide by Hyperbomb69
Law guide by Darealone
Lei guide by FatMus2
Marduk guide by Snipe
Ogre guide by ChipsLight
Paul guide by TheTaiwanNinja
Raven guide by CR33Dx
Xiaoyu guide by Keyblade
Yoshimitsu guide by FatMus2

There's quite a bit more SFxT content as well, so hit this link to find additional details.

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