Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R v1.10 balance change list

Posted by Nate 'Nyoro' Young • January 19, 2013 at 8:32 a.m. PST
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R v1.10 balance change list The Guilty Gear team at Arc System Works recently published a big list of changes to Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R in the arcades that brings it up to version 1.10. Buffs and nerfs abound for all characters. While this is an arcade-only update, consoles have been promised the Plus R update for this upcoming Spring season.

The list of changes is quite extensive. Nikki from Hitconfirm performed the first translation from Japanese to Portugese, but the translator of these to English is unknown. Hit the jump to see the extensive character changes.

Sol Badguy

- Fafnir (41236HS/D)
* More time for FB Tyrant Rave follow-up's input
- FB Tyrant Rave (41236HS/D~64D)
* Number of clean hits increase the move's damage

Ky Kiske

- 3HS
* Less knockback
* Increased Guard Gauge reduction on hit
* Ky is considered crouching during the final active frames of the move
- j.D
* Less recovery
- Lightning Strike (222HS)
* Less Guard Gauge reduction on hit
- FB Greed Saver (214D)
* Less recovery
* Has invincibility in the start
- Ride the Lightning (632146HS)
* Less Guard Gauge reduction on hit


- 2HS
* More time to cancel the move (Special Cancel)
- Restive Rolling (623S/HS)
* Lower level on block
- Overhead Kiss (63214K)
* Faster activation
* Has FRC

Millia Rage

- Silent Force (j.214S/HS)
* Millia can get the pin while blocking
- FB Secret Garden (214D)
* Millia isn't in Counter Hit state while landing anymore
- Winger (air version) (j.2141236HS)
* Throw invincible
* Causes sliding in Counter Hit


- Ten'i
* Eddie Gauge costs reduced

Chipp Zanuff

- j.HS
* Has initial prorate


- 5K
* Has initial prorate
- Item toss (236P)
* Time until item is 'confirmed' changed ('confirmation' time meaning how much goes on until Faust gets hit and the item is still thrown)


- GP * 1st hit launches the opponent a little lower
- Suzuran (63214K)
* When Baiken uses a counter after blocking a move with Suzuran, the counter now ignores the hitstop
- Baku: Sakura (412D~P)
* Move doesn't activate if Baiken doesn't have more than 25 tension
- Baku: Tsuru (412D~S)
* Move doesn't activate if Baiken doesn't have more than 25 tension
* Fixed bug where the opponent couldn't block even after getting hit

Jam Kuradoberi

- 3HS
* Can't whiff cancel into powered up kicks anymore
* Increased time to cancel the move (Special Cancel)
- Power-Up Kenroukyaku (623D)
* Isn't air unblockable anymore
- Charge (22K/S/HS)
* Takes longer to get the power-up


- Unchou no Iai
* Bigger horizontal hitbox

Anji Mito

- FB On (623D)
* Increased horizontal range


- Tactic Arc
* Summoned balls last longer in the screen
* Balls get into position faster


- 5HS
* Increased time to cancel the move (Special Cancel)
- S EXE Beast (41236S)
* Faster recovery
* Increased tension gain
- Power-Up HITOMI (214S)
* Smaller hitbox
- Zeinest (214HS)
* Increased tension gain


- 6P
* Larger horizontal hitbox
- Bite (63214HS)
* Increased stagger time
* Increased recovery


- [No Spirit] Mukade (236P)
* Has Counter Hit state
- [Dog] 2D
* Less blockstun
* Dog has increased recovery
* Different effect on the opponent on hit
- [Dog] 4D with Dog in the air
* Dog gets pushed back farther on hit
- [Ghost] Sonomama Kaettekonaide kudasai (236D)
* Increased recovery
- [Sword] All moves
* Sword stays longer in a place after a move
* Sword's normal moves increase more Guard Gauge on block
- [Sword] f.S
* Has initial prorate
* Less knockback
- [Sword] 5HS
* Level reduced
* Less knockback
* Less damage
- [Sword] 2S
* Level reduced
* Less knockback
- [Sword] 2HS
* Less knockback
- [Sword] j.S
* Level reduced
* Increased initial prorate
- [Sword] j.HS
* Level reduced
- [Sword] Ochitoite kudasai (623HS)
* No longer air unblockable
- [Sword] Chikazuku to ikimasu (63214HS)
* Sword goes farther
* After the move, the sword stays in that place
* Level reduced


- j.D
* New chain {j.K, j.D}
- KSMH -> Hassha (236K~k)
* Can be cancelled into Yoyo moves earlier
- FB Roger Rush (236D)
* Knockback reduced in the 1st and 2nd hits
* Increased untechable time in the last hit
- FB Roger Rush (air version) (j.236D)
* Keeps Bridget's momentum before activating FB Roger Rush
- Loop the Loop (632146S)
* Knockback reduced in 2nd~7th hits


- Ky-maku Homerun (air version, Lv2~3) (j.623HS) * Has initial prorate


- [Moroha/Goku] Masshou (236S)
* Less untechable time
- [All] Ketsugou (63214HS)
* Throw activation faster
- [Moroha] Henshitsu (6321463214S)
* Recovers HP lost during Moroha


- Dash (66)
* Initial speed reduced
- Backdash (44)
* Distance traveled reduced
- Airdash (j.66)
* Speed reduced
* Time unable to do a move increased
- c.S
* Slower activation
- 6HS
* Has initial prorate
- 5D
* Increased recovery
- 2HS
* Faster activation
- 2[HS] (Charged)
* Reduced recovery
- 2[HS] (Full charge)
* Reduced recovery
* Level increased
- 2D
* Level decreased
- j.K
* Has Jump Cancel
- j.S
* Larger hurtbox
- Zukaisai (air version) (j.214S)
* Reduced untechable time
* Trajectory changed
* Kliff moves faster after the move activates; falls down faster after the move
- Koke Hagashi (623HS)
* Slower activation
- FB Houkou Gaeshi (j.236D)
* Increased untechable time
- Defensive Burst
* Faster activation


- Hurtbox
* Smaller hurtbox during movement (walking around, jumping etc)
- Backdash
* Distance traveled reduced
- 6P
* Reduced initial prorate
* Forces crouching state
- 6HS
* 2nd hit launches the opponent when a Counter Hit
- 2K
* Reduced initial prorate
- 2HS
* 1st hit has a larger horizontal hitbox
- Air Throw
* Opponent gets thrown closer
- Valkyrie Arc (236P)
* Counter activates faster
- S.B.T. (623K)
* Invincible to low
* The part with lightning has increased untechable time
- S Michael Sword (air version) (j.41236S)
* Recovery reduced
- HS Michael Sword (air version) (j.41236HS)
* Recovery reduced
- FB Superior Trance (ground) (236D)
* Smaller hitbox 'above' during the start of the move
* Moves faster
* Reduced recovery
- Defensive Burst
* Faster activation

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