Tekken master Kor writes how champions of fighting games are made

Posted by Nate 'Nyoro' Young • January 12, 2013 at 7:38 a.m. PST
Tekken master Kor writes how champions of fighting games are made Blight Gaming recently hosted a guest editorial by DMG|Kor of Tekken fame where he talks about how to practice and who to practice with when training to become a fighting game master. While Kor is best known for Tekken, his advice also applies to almost every fighting game out there.

If you'd like a little perspective on how some of the best train and travel, then take a look at the article. A snip of the piece is below.

One of the many fallacies surrounding players today is the old saying “practice makes perfect”, that constant practice mode will hone their skills and eventually bring them to the top of the ladder. This method can have its upside and I do would never deny practice mode to stay sharp and consistent, but ultimately it is about who you play. The old saying practice makes perfect should be modified to “perfect practice makes perfect”.

I remember when I started playing, I would go to the arcade and watch these players who actually knew juggles, punishers, and how to utilize blocking and movement and I would think they spent their time playing for years to achieve this, but little did I know these were the mere basics. These basics is what practice mode is there for, it’s there for players to master a juggle, punish consistently, and practice movement and frame reactions. Anyone who participates in anything competitive knows that no matter how much time you spend in practice, it all changes when you are in the actual ring; where emotions, nerves and adrenaline runs high and you are susceptible to any error.

In a game like Tekken, where any little mistake can turn the match around, it is important to stay clutch and not make any errors. These sudden moments where reactions come into play can only be practiced through real life competition. The progressive levels can be look at like a pyramid, observe below:

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