Darkstalkers Resurrection - Demitri and Morrigan bio and move set videos from Capcom

Posted by SFilp • January 11, 2013 at 4:32 p.m. PST
Combofiend has posted two new videos over on Capcom-Unity detailing Darkstalkers Resurrection character bio's and move sets.

Today features Demitri and Morrigan. Hit the jump to see the other bio and video.


Demitri Maximoff was once one of the most influential nobles in the demon realm of the Makai. However, being ever-thirsty for power, Demitri challenged the ruler of the demons Belial Aensland. Belial easily defeated him and, as a lesson to all would-be usurpers, exiled the wounded Demitri and his castle to the light of the human world.

For one hundred years, Demitri hid in his castle, regaining his strength. He preyed upon adventurers who wandered into his castle, feasting upon their blood and making them serve him. He continued waiting until his strength was recovered enough that he could walk in broad daylight with no ill effects. Having waited over a century, Demitri was ready to again make his claim to the throne of the Makai, and get revenge on the whole of House Aensland.


Morrigan is a succubus born in 1678 in Scotland and is the adopted daughter of Belial of the Aensland House. When she was born, Morrigan was extremely powerful, so much so that Belial sealed away part of her power, one-third in himself to be returned upon his death, and one-third in a pocket dimension, which eventually became a being of its own, a succubus named Lilith. Unaware of Belial's action, Morrigan grew up and found her life as the Queen of the Night in the Aensland castle dull, so she frequently visited the human world to look for entertainment.

On one occasion, Morrigan was drawn to a strange power (which would turn out to be the fire demon Pyron) and ventured into the human world once again. Upon her return, she was informed of Belial's death and that she was the next successor to the Aensland throne. Although she is now rightfully the ruler of the Makai, she shirks her responsibilities and seeks to continue her life as before. Morrigan eventually meets Lilith, and the two beings merge into one, fully restoring Morrigan's power.

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