Intro to Skullgirls from Sanchez and Mike Z, strategy of Mike Z's team and a ton of online matches from Duckator

Posted by SFilp • January 3, 2013 at 8:50 p.m. PST
Over in the Cross Counter studios, Sanchez Sat down with with Mike Z to bring and intro to the game and some additional insight and technology to some of the cast in Skullgirls.
The clip after the jump is a nice strategy video showing off Mike Z's team.

The clip starts off with a synopsis of their respective teams, highlighting the unique synergy, and specific advantages gained behind their selections in competitive play. There’s a lot of useful, comprehensive information that runs over 20 minutes, so be sure to have your notepads handy as Mike and Sanchez drop some knowledge on this exceptionally entertaining game.

Duckator has posted a nice long set of Skullgirls matches with the game's patch. You can check out a lot of the game's changes put into action.
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