Big Band confirmed for Skullgirls DLC character after Squigly, first male character

Posted by SFilp • February 22, 2013 at 5:41 a.m. PST
Last night one the Salty Cupcakes stream, some new Skullgirls DLC information was released, including who their first male character will be.

Big Band, has been confirmed as future DLC after the release of Squigly. Details on Big Band, general crowd fund, goals and reward tiers, PC version and more are available over on the SkullHeart forums.

Big Band:

• Big Band, the gigantic iron lung wearing character from the Lab 8 stage is confirmed as the first Male Character stretch goal after Squigly.

• He will be a charge character with anti-air and command grabs.

• It was previously mentioned that MikeZ wanted to make Big Band play like Q from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, "but good".

• He will be called サックスでか (Sax-Deka) in Japan. Deka is both a slang term for someone who is extremely tall and also for a police officer/detective. So his name is basically "Sax Detective". Peter Bartholow mentioned previously that this name was what Japanese fans started calling him before the game was released there and is thus a nod to them, and a nod to characters in fighting games having different names in different regions.

• If you select Big Band in a fight he won't appear in the backdrop for Lab 8.

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Head over to the Skullheart forums for all the details.

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