Skullgirls Crowdfunding DLC information - Squigly can not be completed without $150,000, second DLC character in line will be male

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 16, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. PST
The Skullheart forums posted a recap of important information divulged by Lab Zero's CEO Peter "Ravidrath" Bartholow and Mike "MikeZ" Zaimont from a recent SaltyCupcakes stream. A ton of information regarding the recently announced Squigly DLC, the PC version of the game and a bit of other stuff was discussed and you can check out the most important points below.

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• The drive is scheduled to start on February 25th
• Mike offhandedly mentioned Squigly would need around $100,000 to be finished. Mike has clarified in the comments that the amount is $150,000.
• The Stretch goals will be hidden in a silhouette that will progressively get revealed as the milestone is closer to being broken.
• It was previously mentioned that the first stretch goal beyond Squigly would be a male DLC character. On the stream Peter gave a rough outline of the main goals:

Squigly story mode plus additional stage
Male character
Male character story plus second additional stage
Third character to be chosen by popular vote
Third character story plus additional stage

• Once the Squigly amount is met, production on her can begin immediately, regardless if the crowd funding period has finished or not.

• Update: If the milestones are reached for new stages to be created, Michiru Yamane agreed to compose NEW music for the stages.
• Squigly auditions have finished, they just need to choose the final voice.
• Mike then countered this announcement later in the stream by saying interested voice actors could email Lab Zero and ask for an audition script.
• Number 13's favorite LeDuc was confirmed to not be the first male character.
• Peter mentioned that he thought Stanley Whitefin and Panzerfaust would be strong contenders for the vote, but there were many characters not yet seen that people could get excited about.
• Peter was asked about Bloody Marie's potential inclusion as she is already in Skullgirls as a boss character. He explained that she only has around 100 of the average 1500 frames of animation and only 5 or so of the 100+ lines of dialogue required for a playable character, so she is no easier to make than anyone else.
• It was also reconfirmed that Squigly would be free to download for a limited period for everyone if the crowd funding is successful and not just those that contributed.
• MikeZ signed off on the subject by mentioning that if the crowd funding is not successful it would effectively halt development on Skullgirls as they would have no funding from either their publisher or the players.
• Finally, eightysixed will be contributing to the fund. 50% of sales of their Salty Cupcakes pins and $10 from each t-shirt sale will go towards Squigly.

PC version

• Mike and Peter answered some questions in the stream chat about the PC version's specs and features.
• Skullgirls is not terribly system-intensive and should run on most modern PCs. As an example Peter said it would likely run on a '09 Macbook Pro and that he definitely can run it at 60FPS under Parallels on his '11 Macbook Pro.
• Mike later mentioned that the game runs well on his 'toaster' with a ATI Radeon 5650. He also mentioned the game is capable of running at over 2700 1200 FPS unrendered on the PS3 and 360. • Peter mentioned they were looking into porting Skullgirls to DirectX 11.
• The PC version will have lobbies.
• Online Training Mode and Replay Recording are hoped to be included, but Peter could not guarantee as he not involved in the development schedule. • Crossplatform play is not on the cards as Steamworks, the technology which enables it, is not an approved middleware.

Other Details

• Zone, creator of an extremely NSFW, but also very high quality Filia flash animation was in the stream chat. During idle discussion Mike mentioned that the UI developer at Lab Zero was very interested in getting the vectorized lifebar assets Zone created for his animation and was asked to stay in contact. Also worth mentioning that the VA for "ZONE-tan" known as Caxx is interested for the role of Squigly.

• Peter also mentioned that Autumn is still interested in working with Skullgirls and if their current legal troubles turn out well for them Skullgirls 2 could be potentially greenlit.

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