Darkstalkers Resurrection gameplay walkthrough, new screenshots, Anakaris and B.B. move set videos

Posted by SFilp • February 15, 2013 at 8:08 p.m. PST
Revision 3 Games have posted a quick walkthrough of Darkstalkers Resurrection with the game's producer Derek Neal. They do a quick rundown of the game with details on various options, the new features and more.
Additionally, Capcom has released some new assets for Darkstalkers Resurrection over the past few days. Up first is some new screenshots for the game which show off some of the games different graphic filters and viewpoints.

After the jump is more screenshots and characcter move set videos for both B.B. Hood and Anakaris.

Click images for larger versions

If you missed the previous set of videos, here are links to the other characters:
B.B. Hood and Anakaris strategy videos.
Sasquatch and Bishamon
Demitri and Morrigan
Jon Talbain and Felicia
Victor and Lord Raptor

Video via James Chen's Twitter.

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