Updated: Ed Boon teasing more Injustice: Gods Among Us on his website via number codes

Posted by SFilp • February 15, 2013 at 2:02 p.m. PST
Updated: The website has been updated today and it seems that all of the codes have been found. Two additional images have been found, the first being an image of Hawkman with the word "nope" edited onto it. While the second image is Doctor Mid-Nite in the same type of capsule we have Doctor Fate in.

Once you get through the codes by entering in all five sets of numbers, you get a message that reads "LOOK TO LA LUNA," which is definitely a reference to the first Mortal Kombat game when Reptile would fall down before a match begins and would give you a clue on how to fight him.

Ed Boon's website Noob.com was updated this morning with what appears to be some sort of Injustice: Gods Among Us tease. Once you go the website, you insert numbers into the box and hit the play button. If you get the right numbers an image will show up.

One image clearly shows Aquaman's trident. While the others appear to show Giganta, Atom Smasher and possibly Gorilla Grodd in armor.

Click images for larger versions, input codes for website are below each image

Currently, there is a ton of people trying to crack the four digit code to find what else Ed Boon has installed for us.

Via Test Your Might, sent in by CapnFlacid and Shinkuu Kikoken.

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