Street Fighter X Tekken Gem listing fully updated here on EventHubs

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 6, 2013 at 10:24 p.m. PST
Street Fighter X Tekken Gem listing fully updated here on EventHubs When Street Fighter X Tekken first dropped in March of last year, we here at EventHubs compiled a gem listing that featured each gem available at the time. With the v2013 patch now in full effect, we have taken it upon ourselves to fully update our gem listings here on the site.

Each gem that is currently available in-game is listed with various bits of information included. Number of slots required to equip, primary effect, secondary effect, duration, activation condition and which DLC gem pack you can find them in is all listed here.

If a gem is a part of the DLC packs, underneath each of those gem names you will find a couple of acronyms encased in parentheses indicating which pack they belong to. For example, below gem #003 Immense Power Lv. 2 you will see (BGP4, SF), which means you can find this particular gem in Boost Gem Pack #4 and it belongs to the Street Fighter cast of characters.

A legend detailing each of these acronyms can be found at the bottom of the gem listings page to help you navigate through it more easily.

Now with our updated gem listing, feel free to look through it and decide which gem load outs you plan on using for your Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 teams. We hope you all find this chart useful.

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