Updated: Recap of the February 1 monthly chat session with the EventHubs team

Posted by SFilp • February 3, 2013 at 1:20 p.m. PST
Updated: Recap of the February 1 monthly chat session with the EventHubs team Updated: If you happened to miss the chat session earlier this week, Snipe over on our forums has posted the entire log from the event. While the entire log is a giant wall of text, Snipe also created a recap with some of the more important questions that were addressed.

Today, February 1, 2013, we here at EventHubs will be holding our second live chat session in our IRC channel at 5 p.m. PST / 1 a.m. GMT. Catalyst, Dreamking, TheUncharted and myself will all be in attendance.

Like our previous chat session, we will be in the IRC channel for thirty minutes and we will answer any questions you may have for us, whether it be about the Fight Tracker, future of the site or any other subjects.

So be sure to stop by if you guys get a chance and come chat with the EventHubs crew.

Shout outs to ZombieBrian for helping put this all together.

Catalyst: OK, so first off, TheUncharted is our head programmer, a lot of the new developments and things you see around the site are his work. SFilp is our lead editor, you should recognize him from all of the front page posts. DreamKing23 is an editor, he does a lot of front page posts, guide updates and such. Also handles all of the main stories on the weekend and the weekly events. Nyoro isn't here (busy in real life) but he's also another editor on our team.

So, the next thing we're working on is a big improvement to the Fight Tracker, we're going to enable people to enter their primary, secondary and third characters into the Tracker per game. You'll be able to say find... a SSF4 AE v2012 player who rates themselves as a 7 skill level or higher and plays Gen. This should be helpful when you need help with a specific match up or help against a team. That also leads us into generating stats for these games, per character. So you'll see a full breakdown of the most popular characters per every game in the Fight Tracker now, and team games will be supported as well. The stats thing is further off, but it's still coming.

Anyway, we have A LOT of stuff planned for 2013, we're going to be expanding the site greatly, but that is what's on the horizon.

1. OmegaZero: I think a good step for Eventhubs would be to hold its own tournaments in cities and such to make the EH community bigger.

Catalyst: One of the things we try to avoid is doing things that other people are already doing really well. We don't want to step in the ring and just replicate what EVO/IPL/Level|Up, etc. are doing with tournaments. We would want to bring something new to the table. We generally try to innovate vs. re-inventing the wheel.

2. OmegaZero: Then how about sponsoring players? Something to have the EH name on it.

Catalyst: We actually sponsor DMG, a FGC group. Instead of running it ourselves, which is a lot of work, we've generally just sponsored other groups to help them out.

3. Bemvindoooooo: Maybe EH could add thumbs up/down rating system to comments?

Catalyst: Something like that is coming, yes.

4. Kewlname: What do you think of an EH 24/7 stream? Or an EH sponsored tournament perhaps?

Catalyst: We've generally avoid doing things like a 24/7 stream since Peaceful Jay and PandaXGaming are already doing a great job there. We try to support their efforts instead of doing our own thing. We also sponsor tournaments. We actually sponsored Seasons Beatings here a few months back and have done others in the past.

5. Undead_Hayabusa: Will there be more ways to customize our profile page? Things like background customizations, banners and whatnot.

TheUncharted: Something like that is planned for the future, but we haven’t worked out all the details.

6. Undead_Hayabusa: Are you guys planning anything mobile?
Kars: How about an iPhone/Android app for EH?

TheUncharted: We’re working on an Android/iPhone/Mobile app also, but don’t want to reveal too much info too early.

7. Tetra: I really think EH needs a reply system in the comments section. Will it happen?

Catalyst: Reply system is coming soon.

8. FatMus2: So when you say sponsor, you mean with real money?

Catalyst: Yes, all on our sponsorships have been for real money. When we sponsored the first CEO tournament, 2010 I think it was, our sponsorship money went into the bonus pot for SSF4 AE.

9. Anonymous: Will there be a section for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3?

Catalyst: Sorry, no Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 coverage from us.

10. Snipe: In older articles you have mentioned there was gonna be a bigger prize down the line for guide makers. Any info on that?

Catalyst: You know, we never actually followed through on that. That's something I'll correct here soonish. Give us a month or two and I’ll have a front page announcement up.

11. Keyblade9: Is sponsoring something you guys will like to do in the future, as far as players or some events?

Catalyst: Yeah, we'll continue to sponsor events and sponsorship groups themselves. It's something we always try to do.

12. xShonuffx: Since Melee might make it to EVO, you think you might make a page for it?

Catalyst: I don't know if older versions of Smash will receive their own pages, but it's possible they will. I'm not sure if I've given carpal tunnel to SFilp and DreamKing23EH by now, but if I haven't... they might be on their way. Smash wouldn't be as much work, but there are things that are a bit more pressing at the moment than Smash, but it's something we can possibly loop back around and get if there's enough demand for it.

13. OmegaZero: EH should have their own store.

Catalyst: We have a merch store in the works. It should debut sometime this year, but no more details beyond that yet.
SFilp: I believe a few of things we've discussed but nothing is final is items like t-shirts, arcade stick bags, and other things like that.

14. RA_MO: Catalyst... When will we finally take over the world already?

Catalyst: The world should be taken over by 2011. We’re still on track, right?

15. DoomFist: Think you’ll ever take questions via a stream like Capcom does? That would be awesome I wanna see your face

Catalyst: It's an idea, we're just probably not nearly as interesting as the Capcom guys. Maybe when we grow a bit larger and have more interesting things to say, heh.

16. OmegaZero: How about a gaming channel with the EH staff, doing random stuff just for the sake of viewers?

SFilp: DreamKing and I will probably be doing quite a few videos of gameplay against each other in the near future.

17. Shinzo: Why isn’t there more love for KOF? You go out of your way to find stuff for Marvel and AE, when match videos for KOF can be found everywhere as well.

Catalyst: One of the things we run into with front page posts is lack of interest. We do try and keep people up to date with other games, but a lot of times those stories don't really connect with our readerbase. If they don't connect with our readerbase, we tend to stop doing them.

Shinzo: I understand. I just feel that sometimes EH seems to only post things from Capcom, and occasionally some other games if some news for it pops up.

Catalyst: I understand where you're coming from. Capcom games are the most popular, so it's what we post the most of. I wish the other games were just as popular, but there's a huge decline in readership — typically — when going from Capcom games to other titles in the FGC.

18. Kewlname: Do you see the FGC on an upslope or a downslope at the current time?

Catalyst: It's actually going up, but it took a big hit by SFxT sucking. So, it's recovering from SFxT suckery, but with IPL on board and EVO's attendance up higher than ever, and SFxT being good now... we should see a decent turn around.

19. FatMus2: It might sound kind of trollish, but here it goes. Do you guys HONESTLY like SFxT (2013 or Vanilla even)?

Undead_Hayabusa: neh
xShonuffx: .....
Tetra: no
OmegaZero: No
Kars: not anymore
Keyblade9: yes lol
OmegaZero: sfxt is just street 4 with juggles but with the same damage output, meaning timeouts everywhere.
Shinzo: I don't find the game interesting, but playing it I can tell this is what the game should have been in the first place
xShonuffx: SFxT to me is just a faster version of SF4.
DoomFist: I'm poor as heck so I can't play any of the new fighting games but I do watch SFxT matches now and then. I love the 'flow' of the game for some reason. It's like ST except more modern looking to me. v2013 has higher damage and faster pace so I do like it.

FatMus2: lol that was to the EH Admins lol

DreamKing23: I didn't like Vanilla very much. I went back to try and play it and everyone ran from me. I'm liking 2k13 though. Lars is so fitting to my playstyle.
Catalyst: I like it so far. I'm just starting to spend time on it again, and I think SFIlp and DreamKing23 were just playing SFxT v2013.

20. VirtuaKazama: I don’t know if anyone asked this question, but what made you guys post news from non-Capcom games?

Catalyst: SFilp and DreamKing coming on board, heh. The first ... 4ish years of Eventhubs... all front page posts were done by me. Those guys have been a huge help and enabled us to expand into other games and a hell of a lot more.
SFilp: All news is fairly slow sometimes, some days it's rather hard to keep our schedule. DreamKing23: Yeah, once I came on board, my first job as a baby news editor was KOF 13 guides.

21. OmegaZero: Do you guys see EH sponsoring a large amount of players or groups in the future? And when I say future I mean like 5 to 10 years maybe.

Catalyst: It's possible. We'll have to see what partnerships and opportunities present themselves. If something great comes up and we have the finances to do so, yeah, I could see that happening.

22. Tetra: I like EH’s simple and clean style, any redesigns on the front page soon? Dark blue has been around for a long time.

Catalyst: We probably won't be redesigning things any time soon, but we might have some customization options coming, if people keep asking about them.

23. Jme: Have you guys ever considered making your own fighting game like how Mike Z did?

Catalyst: Nah, we're mostly web developers/writers here. We'll leave the game development to the guys who know how to do it right.

24. xxMarshy: About the Fight Tracker, is there any way we can get it to sort players by their main characters instead of skill level? Skill level is hard to determine by yourself.

SFilp: I believe that’s something we’re working on.

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