Typing combat: Skullgirls Encore adds typing mode where supers can do additional damage

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • December 22, 2013 at 2:29 p.m. PST

Skullgirls Encore will feature a new "The Typing of Skullgirls" mode which will let you tack on extra damage for correctly typing an on-screen word after performing a super.

If you type the word correct, the attack will do 1.5 more damage than it otherwise would. Getting it most of the way correct results in normal damage, while failing during this process will net you 10% less damage.

This mode will not work online or in tournament mode, but should be a fun distraction when you want to try something different.

If you'd like to see his new mode in action, hit the jump to view a recent stream archive where the demoed the new feature.

The typing mode demo starts at the 7 minute 35 second mark.
Video from EightySixed, via Polygon. Tip from Swordsman09.

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