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Sherryjenix stopped reading stream chats and FGC sites because of sexism and immaturity - interview with EventHubs part 1

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • August 24, 2013 at 12:34 p.m. PDT • Comments: 368
Sherryjenix stopped reading stream chats and FGC sites because of sexism and immaturity - interview with EventHubs part 1 Our head moderator, Zombiebrian, caught up with Sherryjenix to talk about her recent sponsorship with GamesterGear, and the resulting story that ran here on EventHubs.

Our first article was fairly controversial with many EventHubs readers, as it lead to numerous comment removals and accounts being banned for violating the site's rules, and also sparked some internal debate on how these reader discussions are moderated.

In the first part of the interview, we talk with Sherry about how she got involved with GamesterGear and why she stopped reading many of the FGC websites because of negativity. Hit the jump to see everything.
Zombiebrian: I read on EventHubs that you have been sponsored by GamesterGear, how did that come about?

Sherryjenix: I was contacted by a friend/teammate of mine, Sebastion the Chosen One (Ultimate Gamer participant, DoA player), and was told that a company was interested in meeting me. I was excited to see why and what they wanted from me.

Now, I can proudly say I am sponsored by GamesterGear.
Zombiebrian: When it was posted on the site it got a mixed reaction which lead to Catalyst and I having a debate on the site's rules. Some stated you only were sponsored because you were a girl, do you feel there is any truth to this?

Sherryjenix: I'd say the only role that my gender has to play in my sponsorship is the fact that it helps boost my marketing.

Aside from that, I have put in my work, attended numerous majors throughout the U.S. (some outside), and shown that I am capable of being a great player, no matter how much doubt and criticism I receive.

GamesterGear was able to recognize that and allowed me to join their team and represent them to the best of my abilities.

Zombiebrian: Some of the commenters went on to talk about your looks, which lead to internal discussions on where we draw the line when moderating comments. I would like to hear your thoughts on if it's ever OK to comment on a person's looks?

Sherryjenix: I do not feel like it is ever okay to comment on a person's look. Although a picture of them is posted along with their work, they're putting themselves out there for their work, not looks.

Even for cosplayers, they're putting themselves out there in pictures to showcase their skill of portraying a character. Whether or not the person looks great, comments should be based on how accurate the portrayal of the character is.

However, this is the internet and it is basically impossible to prevent people from posting their opinion on such a topic.

Zombiebrian: Have you ever been the victim of sexism?

Sherryjenix: I have been a victim of sexism, but never heavy sexism (except on the Internet, but that's a whole other issue).

I've received comments such as "Wow, you actually know how to play," and other comments similar to that. I don't really take offense to it because it's just a stereotype/culture that females don't play video games seriously. So when we do, it's surprising to people.

If anything, I feel like it's something us females could take advantage of during a tournament. Using the element of surprise in a 2/3 tournament match is quite useful. =P

Zombiebrian: On a wider note, do you feel sexism in the FGC is a big issue?

Sherryjenix: It is an issue, a huge issue.

I know other girls have gone through it, but I am lucky enough to not experience it on a personal scale.

The sexism that comes from the immaturity that exists in the FGC loves to breed itself online. Because of that, I have stopped reading articles, stopped reading stream chats, and even quit visiting sites such as Shoryuken and NeoGAF.

For example, I didn't even know about the EventHubs article that was posted about me and my sponsorship.

I thank you guys for moderating the comments section though. Although I shouldn't let the negativity from other people bring me down, it does put a cloud over my head when I read such hurtful things. I'm only human. I just hope that it does not defer other people from joining the community.

If you joined the community because you share the same passion that most of us do for fighting games, let that be your strength and guidance against the negativity other people try to envelop you in.
You can read part 2 of this interview here.
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