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Sherryjenix is now sponsored by GamesterGear

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • August 17, 2013 at 7:02 p.m. PDT • Comments: 276
Sherry "Sherryjenix" Nhan recently picked up a sponsorship deal with GamesterGear, a company who specializes in console and PC gaming headsets.

You can often find Sherry at numerous fighting game tournaments, as she has been a very active member of the scene. This is a nice signing for the FGC, as it shows companies see value in our players by deciding to sponsor them.

Sherry shot the ad below for the group, and added a little blurb to her site about signing with GamesterGear.

Click image for larger version

They want to help me reach my goals as a competitive player and I can only appreciate that coming from a company. It’s pretty hard to find other people that see eye to eye with me on my goals. With that said, I don’t want to rant on and on about how much I appreciate the love I’m getting from GamesterGear and my supporters. Just know that you guys have not gone unnoticed and you guys are really pushing me to do my best.
Source: Sherryjenix's blog.
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