Ultra Street Fighter 4 character change recap - Akuma, Cammy, Ryu, Dudley, Rose, Oni and much more

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 7, 2013 at 5:04 p.m. PDT
Ultra Street Fighter 4 character change recap - Akuma, Cammy, Ryu, Dudley, Rose, Oni and much more Since Capcom's initial announcement of Ultra Street Fighter 4 back during EVO 2013 last month, many character changes have been reported to be in the upcoming update. These changes have been brought to our attention via numerous Capcom representatives' Twitter pages, stream archives and other sources.

Today we have gathered all of the character specific changes known so far, which includes characters such as Akuma, Balrog, Cammy, Ryu, Oni, Dudley, T. Hawk, Vega and more.

Note: Please keep in mind that the game is still early in its development stage and these character tweaks are subject to change in the final build.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is scheduled to drop early next year and if you'd like to check out some early screen shots, box art and more, click here.

Hit the jump to see the list of Ultra Street Fighter 4 character changes.


• Akuma has increased recovery on jump back air Hadouken.

• Can not FADC Shoryuken on 2nd hit.

• Can no longer option select crouching Heavy Kick into Ultra 1.

Balrog (Boxer)

• Faster charging of his Turn Punch.

• Less Headbutt recovery.

• Farther range on his Ultra 2.


• Cannon Strike can be done LOWER to the ground now.

• Damage reduced on Hard attacks.

• Stun reduced on Hard attacks.

• They tried to reduce the "2 combos and you're dead" effect.


• Health increased to 950.

• EX Fireball knocks down on hit.

• EX Flip Kick breaks armor.

• Increased her damage.

• Down-Toward + Light Kick anti air appears to be back.


• Cody can FADC regular Zonk Knuckle.

• Cody's Knife Throw breaks armor.

C. Viper

• C. Viper's crouching Medium Kick has better hit box.

• Burn Kick has increased recovery.

• If hit during start up of Burn Kick, C. Viper is considered grounded and is open to full combo.


• Dhalsim damage increase (reverted back to Super Street Fighter 4 damage output).

• EX Yoga Blast does not produce hard knockdown.

• Dhalsim's standing MK is two hits now.


• Short Swing Blow has throw invincibility.

• He's been given better hit boxes on some of his attacks (e.g. Kidney Blow).

• All Target Combos do more damage.

• Dudley improved footsies.

• Dudley crouching Medium Kick faster start up. (Hinds noted that this is a fair change and doesn't see why they'd need to revert it back).

E. Honda

• Ultra 2 has more range.

• Ultra 1 has a faster start up.

• Jump Toward MP has a smaller hurt box.

El Fuerte

• Fuerte can combo standing Medium Punch into Quesadilla Bomb.

• Can also combo crouching Medium Kick into Quesadilla Bomb.

• Quesadilla Bomb slightly sped up, but not much.

• Other new combo possibilities. (Example: 2nd hit of far, standing Heavy Kick, crouching Medium Kick xx Quesadilla Bomb).

Fei Long

• Rekka Ken range nerfed.

• Crouching Light Kick increased to 4 frame start up.


• Guy's MP-HP target combo has more range on the 2nd hit.


• Less vortex for her.

• More defense options.

• Soft knockdown now on Neckbreakers, but EX version is still a hard knockdown.

• EX DP will have more invincibility.

• Spin Kicks have a larger and lowered hit box.


• Faster walk speed.

• Crouching Hard Kick has a shorter start up.

• Standing Light Punch combos into Crouching Hard Kick now.

• Ultra 1 does more damage when it connections without the full animation playing.


• One simple note, she'll be buffed and not nerfed.

• These details aren't official, and more notes will be coming soon about this fighter.


• Ultra 2 motion change, will be quarter-circle forward + 3x Kick now.

• EX Slash will be safer on block.

• These details aren't official, and more notes will be coming soon about this fighter.


• EX Soul Spiral has full invincibility now.

• Does more damage now on most of her moves.


• Rufus' forward throw damage is now the same as the rest of the cast.

- Reduced to about 135.

• Opponents will not fall out of Rufus' Ultra 2 as easily anymore.

• Rufus' Ultra 2 seeing a slight damage reduction.

• Rufus' Ex Messiah no longer going over crouching characters.


• Ryu no longer has DP shortcut when special canceling crouching Medium Kick.

- This change has been made so Ryu players can walk up and hit cr. MK into Hadouken without risking a random Shoryuken.

T. Hawk

• Faster walk speed.

• Crouching Medium Kick is special cancelable.

• Ultra 2 has been improved.

Vega (Claw)

• Hit stun increased on Crouching Light Punch.

• Faster start up on Ultra 1.

• Faster start up on Ultra 2.


• Faster walk speed.

• Shorter start up on Standing Light Kick.

• Yang cross up MK hit box better.


• EX Banishing Flat (Green Fist) now knocks down on hit.

• Regular Banishing Flat sped up for combo-ability.

• Reduced range on Light Punch Spinning Pile Driver (command throw).

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