Updated: Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 announced some changes listed with screenshots and PS Vita trailer

Posted by SFilp • October 11, 2012 at 4:38 p.m. PDT
During the panel at New York Comic-Con today, Capcom officially announced the Street Fighter X Tekken 2013.

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Ono jumped on Twitter to confirm that it would be a free update.
Street Fighter X Tekken 2013! We had announce at NYCC!! of course its free!!
SGCafe has posted a translation from 4Gamer stating the patch will be out mid December. After the jump you can check out some of the changes that have been announced.

The update, called “Street Fighter X Tekken 2013” (following Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012′s naming convention), will come to all versions of the game (PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PC, and Xbox 360) in the middle of December, 2012.

• Throw start-up has been changed from 7 frames to 5 frames (note: in Street Fighter IV throws are 3-frames on start-up)

• Life recovery speeds have been adjusted, so that there are less time-outs.

• Tekken characters’ anti-air moves have been improved. Specifically, upon hitting your opponent in the air with certain moves, you will now be able to do juggle combos similar to in, well, the Tekken games (“飛ばして落とす”プレイ in Japanese, in case we somehow mis-interpreted this).

• The camera or special animation activated during a Boost Combo (light, medium, heavy, heavy combos) has been adjusted so that the battle moves along more swiftly.

• Recoverable health’s color in the health bar has been changed, so that it’s easier to see. Comparison shots before and after.

• The glowing effect that accompanies a gem’s activation has been changed (less glowing now). Before and after shots.

• At the start of the round, the “FIGHT” graphic will dissipate more quickly.

Outside of system changes, the game’s characters will also receive balance tweaks:

• Extended the forward distance of Shippu Jinraikyaku with damage increased!

• Becomes completely invulnerable when Demon God Fist EX is activated (until the attack ends)

• Hooligan Combination can take off to Cannon Strike EX

• Increased the damage of Lashing Arrow EX with wall bounce damage

• Extended in-air time on short distance heavy punch and can chain to Super Arts

• Giga Jacker EX sends opponent to a hard knockdown state

• Wall bounce on Counter Hit of Shoulder Tackle

• Invulnerable frame has been added on Hakkesho EX

• Dash Swing Blow EX on crouched foes makes them fall on their backside

• Increased damage on Chrome Dome! Also, MAX Chrome Dome can't be defended

• While falling after Kunai EX, Canceling can be activated on Kunai EX

• Invulnerable time on Shredder EX has been extended

Bob & Paul
• Their walk speed has become faster

Specific character changes from Capcom-Unity. Tip sent in by jme.
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