EventHubs Fight Tracker — revolutionary new system for finding and networking with fighting game players

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • November 27, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. PST
EventHubs Fight Tracker — revolutionary new system for finding and networking with fighting game players We're very pleased to officially unveil the EventHubs Fight Tracker, a revolutionary new system for the fighting game community to find players to compete with — either in person or online. The major components are:

Player search: Sorted by distance, it shows you which gamers are nearby so you can either play in person or find people with low ping times for online gaming. An advanced search system lets you filter which system(s), games and skill ratings you want to see in the results. For example, if you only want to play people on PSN who are a skill level 8 or higher in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 and reside in a 100 mile square radius, it's possible to set this up, along with many other specific scenarios.

Profile pages: Our new profile pages give you access to private messages, blocking and the ability add friends to your EventHubs account. You can also view details about other users, including the games they play and their gamertags, plus past comment history.

Private messaging: We also have a private messaging system available now, so you can contact other users directly and setup gaming sessions and more.


What do I need to get this going?
If you can comment on the front page, you're set. Simply login with your username/password and enter details as needed. If you don't have a commenting account, sign up for one and you're good to go.

Are user skill ratings for games monitored for accuracy?
No. Those areas are for your own personal judgment of your abilities, and can be changed at any time. We will not edit or change these, they're simply your own assessment of your fighting game prowess, or lack thereof.

Can I opt out of the Fight Tracker and private messaging?
Yes. For the Fight Tracker, you actually have to use the system to be included in it, but if you decide you don't want to be included anymore after trying it out, simply edit your EventHubs profile and check the box to opt out. Similar options exist for the private messaging system.

I see Events and Venues in the Fight Tracker, what's up with these?
These areas are coming soon. We'll have more details on them in the near future.

I'm concerned about privacy.
We've taken quite a few steps to ensure privacy with the Fight Tracker. Even if you try to give us your street address information, we won't accept it. Our system will slice out specific details and we'll further mask your location from other users by placing you in a generic region. Also, as far as the distance indicator shows, you could be however many miles in any direction from the other users. Unless you specifically give your information to another user via a private message, or some other means, they will not know your specific location — as this is information we ourselves don't even have. Ensuring privacy was VERY important with this application. Due to the way the Fight Tracker works, users will have a general idea of how far away from you they are, but since you could be in any direction within a 20 mile or greater square radius, you'll be fairly hidden in the proverbial cloud.

What are your guy's future plans for expanding this?
A LOT of stuff is planned, but we'll be revealing details in the future. There is some very exciting stuff that will be built into and onto the Fight Tracker. Stay tuned.

I have a question or comment that wasn't covered here.
Please submit it to this story, we'll actively be checking it for user responses.

You can get more background and details about future plans for the Fight Tracker in the interview we did with Cross Counter and if you want some more in-depth info on the private messaging system, check out this post.

A huge shout out goes to the entire EventHubs team for making this project a reality. TheUncharted did brilliant work coding this new area, while SFilp, Dreamking23 and Nyoro helped with debugging and consultant work to make this a solid and thorough application. Also, big shout outs to the mod team of Zombiebrian, FatMus2, Snipeclips, Keyblade, |Virtua Kazama| and x Who Is Alpha for contributing to make this a better project.


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