Skullgirls patch 1.01: Slighty Different Edition released on PlayStation Network, full patch notes available

Posted by SFilp • November 20, 2012 at 8:12 a.m. PST
Skullgirls patch 1.01: Slighty Different Edition released on PlayStation Network, full patch notes available The Skullgirls 1.01: Slight Different Edition was released today on the PlayStation Network. There are over 300 things changed or added to the game.

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New Features

• Unlocked three additional colors for each character
• Added eight DLC Character Color packs

• Character color packs will be available for purchase soon from the PSN Store and Xbox Live Marketplace for $1 each, or $5 for all eight • Each pack contains four additional character colors
• A bonus color will unlock if all eight character color packs have been purchased, either separately or as a bundle
• Purchasing DLC colors for a character will also unlock all previously available colors, as well as their story mode if applicable
• Added in-game Move Lists

• Added Tournament Mode to Versus menu
• Disables in-match Achievements/Trophies to prevent gameplay interruption

• Forces the following menu flow: Controller Select > Button Config > Character Selection > Play
• Forces default rounds and time settings, regardless of current options
• Disables Sparring Mode toggle
• Allows all non-DLC colors to be used regardless of in-game unlock status
• Returns to the controller select screen if 1P or 2P controller is unplugged at the post-match menu
• Forces button config whenever both players choose to return to character select

• Greatly expanded Training Mode

• The Select/Back button can be set to…
• Save/load state
• Record/playback dummy actions
• Do both at once

• Dummy recordings can be set to play back as a reversal
• Added Input Displays

• Options for List / Realtime Stick / Both

• Added numerous dummy action options

• Options for Manual / Crouch / Jump

• Blocking

• Options for Never / After First Hit / Always / First Hit Only / Random

• Block Type

• Options for High / Low / All

• Pushblock

• Options for Never / After 1 to 10 Blocked Hits

• Throw Tech

• Options for Never / Always / After First Hit / Random

• Ground Recovery

• Options for Never / Forward / Backward / Random

• Escape Infinite Combos

• Options for Never / After 1 to 10 Hits

• Dummy Playback

• Options for Once / Repeat / As Reversal

• Dummy Playback Side Correction

• Allows player to choose whether the dummy recording is treated as relative directions (D, DB, B) or absolute directions (Down,Down-Left,Left) when the dummy changes sides

• Added additional controls to help players using the default gamepads

• Added LK+HP as an additional command for Ensemble 1
• Added right-stick Ensemble calls
• Up for Ensemble 1
• Down for Ensemble 2
• Can be disabled in Button Config

Single Player

• Rebalanced AI difficulty
• Added new “Nightmare” difficulty level
• The mysterious final boss has received the following adjustments:

• All attacks now give the opponent meter on hit or block
• Added a glow to small skulls to make them easier to see
• She can now be hit-stunned if she receives damage quickly enough, and more easily by Blockbuster attacks


• Added new Character Tutorials

• Each character now has simple tutorials to teach beginning players how to perform all of their Special and Blockbuster attacks, as well as provide strategic advice for their usage
• Note: Completing these new tutorials is now a requirement for the “Sküllgirls” trophy/achievement

• Completely re-localized all existing tutorials in French, Italian, German and Spanish
• Tutorial text now displays button icons instead of text
• Added “Next Unfinished Lesson” option to tutorial end menu
• Improved the visibility of the right-side text in tutorials

Online Play

• Fixed a bug that rendered the North American and European/Australia-New Zealand versions incompatible in online play
• Greatly improved GGPO performance when playing with moderate-to-high pings
• Changed ranked matches online to be blind-pick

• Players will no longer be able to see their opponent’s choices until a stage has been selected

• Online opponent’s account name is now displayed during matches
• Added screen flash and notification sound when a ranked match is found
• The end-of-match timer in Unranked Online play is now 90 sec instead of 15
• On “Press Button to Invite” screen, Circle/B are now cancel instead of inviting
• Improved PS3 ranked matchmaking
• Fixed X360 leaderboard ranking issues
• Addressed a number of sound issues while playing online
• Added the following new regions to multiplayer filters:

• North America (West Coast)
• North America (East Coast)
• North America (Midwest)
• North America (Gulf Coast)
• North America (Canada)
• Central America
• South America (North)
• South America (Brazil)
• South America (South)
• Europe (UK)
• Europe (Continental)
• Middle East
• Asia (Continental)
• Asia (Southeast)
• Asia (Japan)
• Australia
• Africa
• Pacific

Other Changes and Improvements

• Now display players’ chosen assist types on the character select screen when offline or in Unranked online
• Improve character streaming issues

• Now, instead of briefly displaying hitboxes when switching characters, low-res versions of the characters will be displayed
• Added PAL-50 support with correct frameskip on both consoles
• Added the ability skip startup logos
• Sparring Mode now saves game state when turned on, and loads it when turned off
• Hit voiceover is now played after hit-stop rather than upon impact
• Only the player in charge of the menu can press the “Cancel” button to leave the Controller Select screen for Versus and Tournament mode
• Button config screen will now keep a player’s screen open when the other player dismisses their screen when mapping the same button or moving the selection
• Button config no longer ignores button presses when another button is held
• Main Menu and Training Mode now have 2-player button config, rather than just first player
• Team size selection now starts with the two character option highlighted
• Holding the Assist 1 or Assist 2 button combinations during loading or between matches will change your starting team order as follows:

• If you have a team of 2, holding any assist button swaps the characters
• If you have a team of 3:
• Holding Assist 1 swaps the first and second characters
• Holding Assist 2 swaps the first and third characters
• Holding both Assists swaps the second and third characters

• Once changed, team order stays as the new order
• Works in Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, and Tournament Mode, but not Online

• When either player chooses Return to Main Menu, it immediately happens rather than waiting for the other player to have to choose
• Improved the setting of button macros:

• Eliminated unnecessary button presses: when on a macro line, simply press the buttons you wish to assign to the macro

• Updated company logos in the opening sequence and Medici Tower stage

• More information on this change can be read here


• Improved online matchmaking

• Reduced the number of matchmaking tiers for from 9 to 3
• Lowered the “acceptable match” threshold so more matches will be found for a given number of players online

• Fixed an issue that could occasionally result in save data corruption when quitting the game

Xbox 360-Specific

• Completely overhauled the game’s file system to greatly improve load times
• Addressed an issue with leaderboard behavior, so that rank will no longer be lost when winning matches
• Fixed the super-shadows in Blockbuster attacks to be shaded properly

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue where Player 2 used a Blockbuster Sequel at the same time as any superflash or Blockbuster Sequel from Player 1 froze the game
• Fixed an issue where Outtakes didn’t work properly against Cerebella’s Battle Butt attack
• Fixed an issue that caused Ms. Fortune’s head to occasionally float offscreen when she’s KO’ed
• Fixed unnecessary checking for achievements after they are already granted
• Fixed an issue with Unranked play online, in which Player 2 picking “Change Stage” would freeze the game on Stage Select
• Stunt Double actions can no longer be overridden by pressing a button on the frame the character lands
• Fixed an issue that caused a floating “15” to occasionally appear after Unranked matches online
• Fixed an issue in which the next character could come in attacking backward after a character was KO’ed
• Fixed a bug when airblocking an attack right at ground level which caused the character to land and be vulnerable during hit-stop
• Removed R1 as a confirmation button on menus, to fix some remaining issues with non-standard controllers
• Fixed an issue where the game dropped inputs for P2 in button config if P1 hit a button on the same frame
• Stopped Peacock’s item dropping noise at the end of a round/match fadeout
• Fixed an issue with hitting a dead character with an Outtake

Trial Mode

• Now allows play as Peacock and Filia, rather than Cerebella and Filia
• Difficulty now defaults to Easy
• Fixed a bug that kept the difficulty level the same, regardless of which was chosen

Gameplay Changes


• Increased the speed of gameplay by 3%

• Also increased frames-per-timer-second to offset the speed change, so time-outs still take roughly the same amount of real time

• Added 5 frames of input leniency to chained normals, as well as to normals and airdashes input during jump/superjump/doublejump startup
• Adjusted the health and damage for solo characters:

• Increased health boost from 200% to 210%
• Decreased damage boost from 175% to 160%

• Changed the damage formula for combos:

• The new formula is as follows: 100%, 100%, 100%, 87.5%, 76.5%, with each additional hit reduced to 87.5% of the previous hit until a minimum of 27.5% on hits greater than equal to 1000 base damage, and 20% otherwise
• For comparison, the old formula was as follows: 100%, 100%, 100%, 85%, 72.2%, with each additional hit reduced to 85% of the previous hit until a minimum of 25% on hits greater than or equal to 1000 base damage, and 15% on all other hits

• Outtakes (A.K.A. “Snapbacks”) received the the following adjustments:

• Ensemble characters no longer get knocked off-screen along with point characters

• Now allows for double Outtakes if close enough to the corner

• While the Ensemble character is being comboed:

• The previous point character regains health at a higher-than-normal rate
• Their opponent’s team auto-generates meter slowly
• The timer stops until the character is KO’d or leaves

• Getting hit by an Outtake will always allow an OTG afterward, even if the OTG had already been used

• OTGs from Outtakes do not accumulate: hitting with three Outtakes in a row only allows one OTG afterward

• All regular and special throws now scale follow-up combo damage to 50%

• Throws which previously scaled the damage lower (Excellebella, Pummel Horse) still scale it to the lower amount

• Added 3 additional frames to all blockstun
• Added additional, secret functionality to Reaction Shots (A.K.A. “Pushblocks”), reminiscent of some other, older games
• Ensemble characters now jump out away from the opponent, even if they switch sides during their attack animation
• Increased the Throw Break window from 6 frames to 10 frames

• Cerebella’s “Grab Bag” Throw Break window is still 4 frames

• Slightly reduced the entrance delay of the next character after an Outtake or K.O., from 92 frames to 75 frames
• Added a new, green ground bounce type:

• All knockdowns from Ensembles attacks that would be red bounces are now new green bounces
• Green bounces are:

• Still completely vulnerable
• Ground Recoverable after 9 frames
• Vulnerable as normal if not recovered from

• Ensemble Attacks (A.K.A. “Assists”) received the following adjustments:

• Throw plus Ensemble call inputs (such as LP+LK+MK or LP+LK+MK+HP) are now specifically disallowed
• Ensemble calls are now valid for 5 frames after the input is entered
• Increased damage taken by Ensemble characters from an additional 6% to an additional 20%
• Ensemble characters are now always drawn behind point characters except when grabbing someone
• Fixed Ensemble call priority to prevent cases of getting the wrong one

• Infinity Breakers (A.K.A. “Bursts”) received the following adjustments:

• Infinity Breakers now scale damage to 50% and count as one hit
• Using an Infinity Breaker now correctly resets your Off-the-ground and stagger status

• Blockbuster Sequels (A.K.A. “DHCs”) received the following adjustments:

• Reduced the duration of the black-and-white Blockbuster background effect from 15 frames to 8 frames to better communicate when Blockbuster Sequels are possible
• Using a Blockbuster Sequel on the frame before a hit would have made contact will no longer allow the hit to connect after the Blockbuster Sequel

• Ground recoveries received the following adjustments:

• Ground recoveries now use the newest input if both inputs are entered during the ground recovery window
• Tweaked the early and late recovery windows

• Time now stops when the point character is KO’ed
• Attacker now gains zero meter from the act of hitting a KO’ed point character

• The KO’ed character’s player still gains meter by being hit

• KO’ed point characters now become invincible as soon as the Infinite Prevention System triggers on them
• Corrected neutral-to-blocking transitions

• Changing block directions on the frame you are touched no longer results in blocking a low attack with stand stance or blocking a high attack with crouch stance

• All characters except Double can now cancel forward dash directly into backdash and backdash directly into forward dash
• It is now possible to PP backdash from the pre-block animation
• Forward/back jumps no longer override each other

• UF > UB will now jump forward and UB > UF will jump backward
• Either direction will still override a neutral jump

• Ensemble attacks that hit through an invincible opponent no longer use up your Ensemble call for that combo
• All characters’ throws now face the opponent properly
• All characters’ air throws now face the opponent properly during a super jump
• Pressing up-back while airborne near an attacking enemy if you have a double-jump remaining will no longer cancel double-jump start-up into pre-block, and cause the character to wrongly fall straight to the ground

Infinite Prevention System

• The IPS now counts standing, crouching and command normal attacks of the same button strength as the same attack
• The IPS now counts all strengths of a given special move as the same attack
• The IPS Infinity Breaker hit-sparks no longer show up on anything except the point character
• The IPS now counts Tag-in attacks
• All tags and DHCs now start you at the correct IPS stage when comboed into
• IPS now correctly handles 1-frame links

• For example, in Parasoul’s {s.LK->s.HP xx LP Tear Shot, s.LK->s.HP, tear explosion, s.LK}, the last s.LK is now correctly flagged by IPS every time

• IPS state no longer continues across zero-frame resets
• Without a jump-in attack, your first ground combo no longer erroneously counts as your jump-in chain

Character Changes


• The Hairball (ground) special attack received the following adjustments:

• Increased hit-stun on the last hit so Gregor Samson should always combo afterwards
• It’s no longer unsafe on hit against characters performing aerial Blockbuster attacks

• The Airball special attack received the following adjustments:

• Now possible with negative-edge
• Now correctly allows assist calls alongside the move
• Shortened recovery
• No longer unsafe on hit, still unsafe on block
• Will always do the air version of the recovery even if Filia lands during the attack
• Now allow forward-dash-cancels from the last hit on hit or miss, but not on block

• Only possible if you have not airdashed

• Filia is unable to crouch or jump out of the dash if the HK variant is cancelled into a ground dash, but can do ground attacks as usual

• The Gregor Samson (Lv1) Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• Increased recovery time by 4 frames
• Aerial Gregor Samson attacks are now possible with negative-edge

• The Tricobezoar (Lv3) Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• Adjusted damage

• 4750 if it connects on the first frame, and 3000 after
• Was previously always 4200

• Startup improved

• Was 12 + 3 frames, and is now 8 + 1 frames

• Reduced recovery time by 9 frames
• Enlarged the first frame’s hitbox

• When cancelling Checkmate Incision’s last hit into Fenrir Drive against another Filia, the rest of Fenrir Drive will no longer miss
• Extended j.HP and j.WP hit area closer to Filia’s body to prevent missing up close
• Extended j.WP’s vertical hit area

• Filia’s j.HP has received the following adjustments:
• Increased hit-stun by 2 frames

• Slightly reduced knockback against airborne opponents
• Increased j.HK’s hit-stop on opponent by 3 frames
• Enlarged s.HP’s hitbox slightly to allow it to combo in situations where it would previously miss by one pixel
• Missed ground and air throws by Filia no longer cancel assist calls
• Shortened air throw recovery when missed match everyone else’s
• Re-added two previously-removed win poses
• Selectable by holding various buttons after the round


• The Diamond Deflector special attack received the following adjustments:

• Increased the hit-stun time, no longer minus on hit
• Can now combo into Diamonds Are Forever

• The Excellebella special attack received the following adjustments:

• Slightly increased the horizontal and downward range
• No longer super-cancellable after the initial 4 frames

• The Ultimate Showstopper Blockbuster attack can now be cancelled into the Devil Horns special attack after they land on the sword, but before the final damage is dealt
• On the Custom Assist screen, F,D,DF,F+LP+LK gives Excellebella rather than Diamond Drop
• Double-jump is also 360-locked like regular jumps are, preventing accidental double-jumps when attempting jump-in supers
• Reduced forward dash startup from 14 frames to 11 frames
• Air command throw now properly faces the opponent
• Merry-Go-Rilla now does correct damage as an assist
• Pummel Horse will now hit Valentine when crouching
• Lowered the damage of the following normal attacks by 25 per hit:

• s.HP
• s.HK
• c.MP
• c.HP
• c.MK
• j.MP
• j.MK

• Reduced the damage of j.HP by 50
• Reduced j.MK’s hit-stun by 3 frames
• Cerebella’s j.MP normal attack received the following adjustments:

• Reduced the knockback oagainst aerial foes
• Now knocks downward much faster when chained into

• Run-stop no longer gives meter for stopping
• Missed ground and air throws no longer cancel assist calls
• The 360 input leniency has been reduced from 7 frames between directions to 5 frames
• Tag-in now causes small slide rather than regular knockdown
• Sped up Cerebella’s tag-in by 10 frames, to match every other character’s
• Increased the Blockbuster cancel time landing a j.D+MP
• When guard-cancelling into Ultimate Showstopper, there will be varying additional startup frames after the superflash depending on timing

• When performed 0 frames after the end of a Reaction Shot, there will be 6 frames of post-flash startup
• When down to only one frame when performed 5 frames after the Reaction Shot
• Has the regular 0 frames if performed after 6 or more frames


• The Shadow of Impending Doom special attack received the following adjustments:

• Reduced overall meter gain by two thirds while charging the attack
• All small items will now always OTG in the proper direction, towards Peacock
• The chip damage on items has been increased:

• Small: 150 to 200
• Medium: 250 to 300
• Large: 400 to 500

• The Hole Idea special attack received the following adjustments:

• Increased the recovery time by 4 frames
• Reduced the start-up time by 3 frames
• Able to be Blockbuster-canceled much earlier during recovery

• The LP and MP Bang! special attack variants received the following adjustments:

• Extended the hitboxes back towards Peacock to prevent the attacks from missing up close in certain circumstances
• The attacks now carry over their specific invincibilities (LP invincible to hits, MP to throws) through the entire active portion

• The Argus Agony (Lv1) Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• Redistributed damage:

• Reduced unscaled damage by around 300
• Same minimum damage on average

• Extended the hitbox extended closer to Peacock, so it no longer misses up close against standing Painwheel or some other close attacks
• Increased the hit-stun on the small lasers by 2 frames to prevent certain random patterns that allow the opponent to recover and retaliate

• The Lonesome Lenny (Lv1) Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• Increased damage from 3000 to 3800
• Increased chip damage from 650 to 800
• Blockbuster Sequel window is the same, but it is no longer possible for the cancel to be “too early” and result in the bomb not appearing
• Can now place another Lenny as soon as the first one explodes
• Reduced recovery after placing Lenny by 5 frames

• Increased the input window for the QCB+PP follow-up for the Goodfellows (Lv3) Blockbuster Attack after a successful throw
• All George bomb tosses can now be cancelled into each other anytime after the bomb is created
• All special moves now correctly face the opponent
• Slightly reduced meter gain for connecting with all Bang gunshots, HP cannonball, and all George bombs
• Increased the chip damage on HP BANG! shots from 300 to 400
• Air throw recovery on hit shortened to prevent low air throws from being punishable by Double
• Increased the speed of tag-in by 10 frames, to match every other character’s


• The Napalm Shot/Toss tear explosions received the following adjustments:

• Damage now correctly scales by ratio and is affected by combo damage scaling

• Reduced hit-stun from 37 frames to 36 frames
• Reduced blockstun from 19 frames 14 frames to prevent certain lockdowns

• Reduced chip damage from 250 to 150
• The Napalm Pillar special attack received the following adjustments:

• Removed an erroneous 3 frame invincibility after the hit was already finished
• Reduced blockstun by 1 frame to prevent strange interactions with the Inferno Brigade (Lv3) Blockbuster attack at max distance

• The Motor Brigade (Lv1) Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• Lengthened the Blockbuster Sequel window by 8 frames
• Successful hits now drag the opponent downward to allow more hits to connect more of the time
• Slightly increased the hit-stop on opponents

• The Egret Charge special attack should always cause wallbounce now
• Egret Call can now be used to cancel out of the Inferno Brigade Blockbuster attack

• Slightly reduced damage to compensate for this added flexibility

• The Silent Scope Blockbuster attack no longer misses crouching Painwheel after using a MP Napalm Shot
• Parasol’s j.MK has received the following adjustments:

• Increased hit-stun by 1 frame
• Increased the forward and backward speeds when holding the button to float
• Held-button float now allows another attack immediately when button is released

• Extended the hitbox of Parasoul’s j.HP closer to Parasoul’s body to prevent missing up close against airborne characters
• For IPS purposes, j.D+MK -> j.MK is now a chain rather than a reverse-beat
• Parasoul will no longer perform incorrect ground recoveries if crossed up after a knockdown
• Missed ground and air throws no longer cancel Ensemble calls
• j.B+WK can now be properly pushblocked in the middle now
• Fixed an issue with some colors where certain frames incorrectly showed parts of her glasses

Ms. Fortune

• The Cat Scratch series of special rekka attacks have received the following adjustments:

• Rekka series strength is now determined by first Punch used

• Any Punch can still be used to continue the attack, but it will not change strength

• Rebalanced damage and redistributed it so most is in the 3rd hit

• LP: Old 450+500+650=1600
New 300+350+950=1600
• MP: Old 575+625+775=1975
New 350+400+1100=1850
• HP: Old 700+750+900=2350
New 400+450+1250=2100

• Increased the speed of the El Gato overhead rekka
• The El Gato overhead rekka can now be canceled into Blockbuster attacks up through the hit

• The Headbutt and Zoom detached head attacks have received the following adjustments:

• Equalized the damage of both attacks to 675
• Now give give meter equivalent to that of a projectile rather than a physical attack on hit

• The Screw Attack detached head attack from attacking her own head has received the following adjustments:

• Reduced damage from 575 to 500
• Now gives meter equivalent to that of a projectile rather than a physical attack on hit

• As with other “cinematic” Blockbuster attacks, Fifth of Dismember (Lv3) will now prevent time-outs until it finishes
• When used with Ms. Fortune’s head attached, Cat Scratch Fever’s last hit now:

• Knocks the opponent higher
• Slides further
• Is easier to combo after in the corner

• The headless variant of the Cat Scratch Fever (Lv1) Blockbuster attack now connects properly against crouching Painwheel and crouching Ms. Fortune
• During the Omnomnom detached head throw, Ms. Fortune’s head will now fly away from the nearest screen edge when the move ends or is interrupted
• The head-recalling Cat Call special now always plays 9 frames of the loop even if the button is not held
• Headless Stunt Doubles (A.K.A. “Alpha-counters”) have received the following adjustments:

• With s.HP and c.HP no longer play the head-attached attack animation

• Now have a recovery longer than 1 frame
• Cat Spike now causes knockdown instead of ground bounce
• Reduced the hit-stun of a headless s.MP normal attack by 5 frames
• Head attacks will no longer hit out of the air (will always OTG) after: Cat Scratch 3rd hit, Cat Scratch->Slide, chained j.HK

• The detached head Feline Allergies special attack will still juggle off chained j.HK, however

• Can now perform the detached head Feline Allergies special attack after the last hit of a successful air Blockbuster with her head on, in order to continue the combo headless


• The Pinion Dash special attack received the following adjustments:

• Can no longer rev-up for an extended period of time after winning a round
• Can be started with either (Hold) D+KKKKK… or D,D+K. Mashing K to charge and released D to attack is the same for both versions.
• Can press P while revving to cancel
• Using different Kick strengths to choose Pinion Dash as custom assist will now give different strengths in-game:

• D,D+LK = Lv1
• D,D+MK = Lv3
• D,D+HK = Lv4

• The Buer Reaper special attack received the following adjustments:

• Can now be canceled into flight on hit
• Adjusted hitboxes to further differentiate the LK / MK / HK variants
• Ground LK Buer Reaper no longer knocks down

• The Buer Thresher (Lv1) Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• Increased minimum damage to 1100, to make it comparable to other Blockbuster attacks
• On hit, recovers to jump state which prevents it from being punishable if opponent had already been OTG’d
• Post-flash invincibility has been reduced from 45 frames to 17 frames
• Now always fully connects off any hit
• Can be canceled into flight on the last hit
• Improved start-up from 6 + 5 frames to 3 + 1 frames

• The Death Crawl (Lv1) Blockbuster attack is now vulnerable to throws, but the strike invincibility is unchanged
• The Hatred Install (Lv3) Blockbuster attack’s startup was reduced from 5 + 6 frames to 3 + 3 frames
• MP/HP Gae Bolga Stinger special attack variants now correctly face the opponent
• When using Flight, flying upward is slower if the opponent’s point character is also rising, to reduce purely vertical runaway opportunities
• The following changes have been made to Painwheel’s s.HP

• Reduced damaged from 1000 to 900
• Reduced hit-stun by 5 frames
• When cancelling into flight, flying MK no longer combos afterward against a grounded opponent

• The following changes have been made to Painwheel’s c.HP:

• Reduced damage from 1050 to 950
• Decreased the floorbounce height
• Flying MK no longer combos without OTGing

• The following changes have been made to Ratchet Poppy (F+HK x4):

• Reduced damage
• Decreased the floorbounce height
• Flying MK no longer combos without OTGing
• Decreased leniency between hits by 3 frames, making it impossible for the opponent to block in the middle by delaying it too long

• j.MP can now be properly pushblocked in the middle now


• The Dead on Arrival (Lv3) Blockbuster attack “cinematic” can now be skipped if the Valentine player holds any Punch during the initial fade-out
• The Checkmate Incision (Lv1) Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• It is now possible to move after using an aerial Checkmate Incision Blockbuster attack
• Lengthened Blockbuster Sequel window by 4 frames on the ground
• Lengthened Blockbuster Sequel window by 7 frames in the air

• The EKG Flatliner (Lv1) Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• Will now only hit point characters

• No longer hits Ensembles / severed heads / Lonesome Lenny / etc.

• Will no longer K.O. an opponent before the final hit

• The Acquistive Prescription (Lv2) Blockbuster counter received the following adjustments:
• Ms. Fortune is no longer able to move her head when frozen
• Peacock’s items now disappear properly when she is frozen

• Both Blockbuster counter stances’ (Acquisitive Prescription and Countervenom) hitboxes are now much taller
• Hitting Valentine during her Blockbuster counter stances with another Valentine’s Dead on Arrival Blockbuster or Mortuary Drop no longer consumes the wrong amount of meter
• The Vial Hazard special attack’s Type B (hit-stun) poison now only lasts two thirds as long when connecting with an already-hit-stunned opponent
• Reduced recovery time on both air and ground variants of the Savage Bypass special attack
• Valentine’s j.HP received the following adjustments:

• Reduced hit-stun by 2 frames
• Now knocks the opponent up 1 pixel higher against airborne opponents

• Reduced Valentine’s c.HP’s blockstun by 6 frames
• Blockbuster counter stance now properly faces opponent
• Mortuary Drop now restores air options when canceled into a Blockbuster attack
• Increase throw damage to 800 to compensate for scaling followup combos to 50%
• Fixed bone bouncing sounds during time-out animation


• The Hornet Bomber special attack received the following adjustments:

• Invincibility has been modified

• LK version is now invincible through first active frame and won’t trade
• MK version is now invincible up to first active frame and will trade
• HK version is not invincible and will get stuffed

• All versions lose active hitbox during descent, until landing
• Reduced the Blockbuster cancel window from 30 frames to 4 frames to match most other special attacks

• The direction of Double’s Bandwagon Rushdown (Lv1) Blockbuster attack can now be controlled

• By holding Back during the superflash, it will come out from the opposite side of the screen

• Further reduced Double’s tension gain during the Catellite Lives (Lv1) Blockbuster attack by half
• The Nightmare Legion (Lv3) Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• Increased overall speed
• No longer invincible for the entire duration

• Invincibility now wears off after she transforms into Filia

• The last hit now knocks the opponent away from Double
• Reduced damage to bring it more in line with other Level 3 Blockbuster attacks
• Increased the recovery on block slightly

• The Megalith Array Lv5 Blockbuster attack received the following adjustments:

• Invincibility now wears off as soon as you press any button to shoot or create a bomb
• Reduced the Ring Lasers’ blockstun by 2 frames
• Increased the cooldown time between Ring Lasers by 2 frames

• All quarter-circle forward motions now require the full D,DF,F, instead of just D,DF
• The following adjustments have been made to reduce the ease of hit confirms:

• Reduced j.HP hit-stun by 5 frames
• Reduced s.MK(1) hit-stun
• Slowed cr.MK by 2 frames
• Slowed s.HK by 2 frames

• Added missing hitboxes below her ground-impact frames
• Fixed crumple animation to have crouch-hit-stun and OTG-hit-stun portions in line with those of other characters
• Removed 5 frames of invincibility from the middle of Double’s dash and backdash

• Reduces the total invincibility from 13 frames to 8 frames

• Made the Ensemble taunt-before-leaving stop being a physical barrier 20 frames earlier
• Increased the tag-in speed by 10 frames, to match every other character’s
• j.WK and j.HP can now be properly pushblocked in the middle now

Patch notes via Skullgirls official website. Tips by RedKingKaiser6, Bugonisx2, andwberg, MissingJawbz, StarGalaxy777 and multiple anonymous submitters.


Jookey said on November 20, 2012 at 8:23 a.m.

Slighty different?

thebroccoli said on November 20, 2012 at 8:47 a.m.

Good lord

yaranaika said on November 20, 2012 at 8:51 a.m.

Nice and all, but probably 4-5 months too late. Skullgirls is all but dead at this point.

Ex_Ein said on November 20, 2012 at 9:56 a.m.

No new characters? Still not buying it, especially with ALL the dev team laid off, as that basically says "no DLC characters incoming"

KissofPoison said on November 20, 2012 at 10:43 a.m.

And I love how someone said their was "big things coming" and it's just a balance patch and more colors >_>

lamarfll said on November 20, 2012 at 10:58 a.m.

The reason why they have not been able to put in any new characters yet.

HooliganComboFTW said on November 20, 2012 at 11:05 a.m.

Sweet patch is out, As is game easily worth $15

BUYACUSHUN said on November 20, 2012 at 1:31 p.m.

i wish it was out for XBL. Damn approval systems

JesseRobles said on November 20, 2012 at 4:16 p.m.

Just installed this monster update. Gonna try later this week. :)

MagStormFilia said on November 20, 2012 at 4:58 p.m.

#3 #4 #5 are all talking out of their asses.

I'm considering buying the PS3 version even though I don't have a PS3 stick just so I don't have to wait for the 360 version, even though it's probably not that far off.

zhanba29 said on November 20, 2012 at 6:03 p.m.

(This user was banned.)

illness690 said on November 20, 2012 at 7:39 p.m.

(This user was banned.)

HooliganComboFTW said on November 20, 2012 at 10:36 p.m.

Is the closest one of the three to be remotely a "valid point" since its been months since release and player interest may have wane since(Which is a natural thing not the game fault) , but releasing the patch to gauge interest again (Which is working since the srk forums topic with Mike Z and Peter appearing recently you can easily find people there to get gamertag/psn info.) is the smarter choice then the alternative of doing nothing and letting your game die. Thought people would learn this already with seeing how much Capcom is trying to fix SFxT

Considering that balance patch is roughly 596 MB worth of content(Including a fixed superior online where people already tested with great results) and including some cosmetics for good measure for free to give the playerbase something for the short term so in the longterm under LabZero if things go well they can start focusing on dropping PC port and potential dlc

Made the least sense and reeks of ignorance.

-Autumn Games Own the Skullgirls IP
-Reverge Labs is no more for Skullgirls (In the patch you see the logo replace with Lab Zero in the opening and in the Medici Stage)
- Lab Zero is formed (Consisting of the same people)
-Autumn Games fully supports Lab Zero handling any Skullgirls developments.

Been stated by Mike Z that Future SG developments is still very much possible after they get footing back.

Becoming Lab zero does not mean "No dlc characters incoming" and be honest you would not even buy the game anyway if it were to happen since apparently you care about roster size over gameplay

Not Surprised Illness would see these "valid points" anything more then garbage. Learn the difference between opinion and ignorance. Quit bitching about your $15 down the drain, your fault if your gonna vocally regret everything you purchase instead of becoming the smart consumer and analyze everything beforehand

illness690 said on November 20, 2012 at 11:16 p.m.

(This user was banned.)

musacci said on November 20, 2012 at 11:51 p.m.

(This user was banned.)

musacci said on November 20, 2012 at 11:54 p.m.

(This user was banned.)

jelaninoel said on November 21, 2012 at 1:05 a.m.

Pains me to say this since i swore to play this game hardcore but didnt but; do people even play this still?

caruga said on November 21, 2012 at 3:53 a.m.

@3: Not sure why anyone would hold a funeral for a game they presumably don't care about, or bash it with a shovel when it shows signs of life like this article. Otherwise you'd be out there supporting it.

Ex_Ein said on November 21, 2012 at 8:27 a.m.

@13/Hooligan, Love how you know what I'm thinking and what I'd get. Also the original "promise" was and I quote: "I'm going to confirm here and now that Squigly and Umbrella are not going to be in the core game,and both will be >early< DLC characters." 6 months later and not a peep is not a good sign that we're getting them. Roster is a point of contention because if I don't like the characters (the only 2 I did sort of like character wise are Ms.F and Double, but I don't like gameplay wise.) or how they play why would I drop 15 dollars?

Also if you read the other article (covering RL being killeed and remade into LZG) it says " the release of the first DLC character has been indefinitely(aka until further notice/most likely canceled) postponed."

STBALLA1990 said on May 14, 2013 at 9:45 a.m.

I still; play this game from time to time. filia looks to be better, and they seem to have not touched valentine much. the games seems completely different, but the game has always been beautiful.


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