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Mini FAQ for Street Fighter 25th anniversary package, animated movie won't contain nudity

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • May 25, 2012 at 9:20 a.m. PDT • Comments: 31
Mini FAQ for Street Fighter 25th anniversary package, animated movie won't contain nudity Many people had questions about the exact details of the 25th anniversary package for Street Fighter that Capcom announced yesterday. As luck would have it, Andrew, the product manager behind this release stepped in to provide some clarity.

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Andrew: I realize that Capcom is going to disclose more information about this set, but I felt like posting this to potentially save Capcom some time so that they know which questions people have about the upcoming SF collection. The following are my questions and I'm sure other people will have questions of their own to add.

Where can we pre-order it from? I know the Capcom store already has it up, but I have had bad experiences with Digital River and would rather not have to deal with them.

We are working with the big guys, and they should have their order pages up shortly. In fact, Amazon's order pages are up right now:

Xbox 360

Because of the quantities, the set won't be available in mom-and-pop stores.
Will the included DLC (for Arcade Edition and SFxT) be unlocked on the disc (ala PS3's Resident Evil 5 Gold DLC) or will the game come with a PSN/XboxLive code to download the unlock key (ala 360's Resident Evil 5 Gold DLC)? The former would be the preferred one.

As was mentioned earlier in the thread, it would be the download keys. If we would have had it be available on-disc, it would have required some re-development, which would have forced us to increase the price.

What costume packs are being referred to for the Arcade Edition's included DLC? All of them (Vanilla, Super, Ultra, Arcade Edition)? That would be great.

Every single costume from every version. (I believe it's 102 total.)

Will SFIITHD and SFIIIOE be reedemable through download codes or will they be on a disc(s)? For the 360 Edition? For the PS3 Edition?

Download codes for both version.

Will the documentary still be on a Bluray disc for the 360 edition? Will it be 1080p?

Yes, so you will require a separate Blu-Ray player. It will be 1080p.

Will the SFIV and SSFIV movies be on Bluray for the 360 edition? For PS3 Edition? Will they be 1080p?

They will be included on the Blu-Ray for both versions. The Ties that Bind (the SFIV movie) will be 1080p, and the SSFIV OVA will be 720p (that is what it was produced in)

Will the Street Fighter Animated Series be on Bluray for the 360 edition? For PS3 edition? Will it be 1080p?

It will be included on the Blu-Ray for both versions, and it will be in standard definition (no HD version exists).

Will the Street Fighter II movie be on Bluray for the 360 edition? For the PS3 edition? Will it be 1080p?

It will be included on the Blu-Ray for both versions, and it will be in standard definition (no HD version exists).

Which Street Fighter II animated series are we getting?

I'm not sure exactly which item you're referring to. The animated series is the USA Network version from 1995-1997. The Street Fighter II Animated Movie is the one animated by Group TAC and released in 1994. If you're thinking of Street Fighter II V, that is not included (legal reasons).

Who is making the Ryu Statue? Any company we should be excited about (like Sideshow or Kotobukiya)?

I suppose that partially depends on who you get excited about, but it is Multiverse, which is made up of some of the best designers at SOTA, who have made a number of our larger statues before. However, I can vouch that the detailing and overall quality of the statue in the collector's set is one of the best I've seen for its size.

Any chance of releasing the track list for the Soundtracks?

Yes, but just to give you a heads-up:

• Street Fighter - Basically, all the music from the arcade game.
• Super Street Fighter II Turbo - All the character themes, character ending themes, and general game themes (from the arcade version).
• Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Essentially the same as the official soundtrack from way back when.
• Street Fighter III Third Strike - The entire original soundtrack, plus the Online Edition soundtrack.
• Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Themes for all 39 characters.
• Street Fighter x Tekken - Very similar to the soundtrack included in Japan's SFxTK special edition.
• Fan-created music - Much too varied to list here (we're going to have a special feature about the 40+ contributing artists closer to launch), but it spans a wide variety of styles and genres for both remixes and original works.

What is the edition size of this run? For PS3? For 360? Altogether?

Our numbers are 14,500 for the Xbox 360, and 15,500 for the PS3. So that's 30,000 total. I should note, we're not reprinting this. Once that number is gone, it's gone for good.

What are the Artbook's dimensions? — Jonathan

I'd need to double check for the exact dimensions, but to the best of my memory, it's roughly 7.4 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall. I can be more specific if you need, but rest assured it's not a manual-sized art book.

Will the two OVAs have an english & japanese audio tracks? Will the blu-ray disc also include the animated story trailers like the Sakura, Chun-Li, C. Viper, and Ryu trailers? And if so, will they be in HD res with duel language audio too? — 3DJr.

Andrew: We are looking into ways to get the Japanese audio tracks on without degrading the overall quality of either audio or video, but for the moment, they are English only.

The Blu-Rays will not include the animated story trailers, just full-length videos.

Will this be coming to Europe? There's a lot of people that want this here. — LiamDavison

Andrew: Unfortunately, no. I can assure you that it was not for lack of trying. We spent several months aggressively trying to get it sold in retailers throughout Europe, but at the end of the day, it didn't happen. I can't go into the details, but basically we were told by what I'll call relevant companies that they did not think there would be enough interest in such a non-standard product. Obviously, they've been proven wrong, but unfortunately they can't go back and change it.

For what it's worth, your best bet at the moment is to import via Amazon.

What edit of the animated SF2 movie is being included? Is it going to be completely uncut?— HeeroCobain

Andrew: I kinda know what this basically boils down to, and the answer is, no nipples. Sorry.
From Capcom-Unity.
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