Capcom is considering drastic changes to Street Fighter X Tekken, talks Darkstalkers and SF4

Posted by Nate 'Nyoro' Young • May 13, 2012 at 8:14 a.m. PDT
Capcom is considering drastic changes to Street Fighter X Tekken, talks Darkstalkers and SF4 The Capcom Blog updated several days ago with a huge Q&A from current producer Ayano who is now overseeing the Street Fighter X Tekken project. This was translated by myself.

The list of questions, statements and outright anger from Japanese fans is quite extensive, so I've shortened the answers Ayano has written down into simple bullets and paraphrased the questions. There's a lot of repeated questions and pointless ones so only the most informative posts have been collected. The responses include SFxT information and discuss Darkstalkers as well.

Keep in mind that Ayano has no twitter, and comments on the Capcom blog are now under a moderation approval policy unlike before so this is really the only way the Japanese fans can have their voices represented officially now through the producer.
Users: Please do something about the blockstun of jabs and aerial Hurricane Kicks.
Ayano: Looking into it. Please check after the balance patch on May 19th.

Users: Blocking weak attacks from someone like Rolento is so frustrating!
Ayano: We're considering making big changes after the balance patch on May 19th, so be prepared.

Users: Auto-block and auto-tech are too strong, and are destroying the online population.
Ayano: We are going to balance the gems along with the characters.

Users: The gems aren't very interesting at all! Make new ones that do cooler things.
Ayano: Before we develop new gems, we'll balance the current ones.

Users: No one uses Super Arts or Cross Arts because Tag Cancels are so good. It makes the game boring.
Ayano: Please research combos to make Tag Cancels look more exciting and bring out their charm.

Users: Please release the 12 new characters early. If you don't do it soon there won't be any players left after the summer rush of fighting games.
Ayano: Understood. We are considering changing the release date of the 12 characters. We also want to make this game strong enough to battle its way through the summer rush of fighting games.

Users: Please put a No-Gem mode into the game. It's also a tournament standard.
Ayano: This game was balanced around gems, so I would rather streamline gems better instead of introducing a No-Gem mode.
Users: Can't you make it so that it requires two characters to go down for the KO?
Ayano: This game was balanced around the one-character KO, so that's not possible.

Users: Please give Chun-Li her Tenshokyaku back.
Ayano: Consider the amount of adjusting we would have to do if new moves were introduced.

Users: Please fix the timer limit!
Ayano: We are researching the timer issues.

Users: I want more colors, the current ones are dull.
Ayano: Please wait for more colors.

Users: I'm concerned about the May 19th balance patch. Those characters listed aren't the only charactersr that need tuning.
Ayano: Balance changes in the future past the May 19th patch are being worked on. We have received quite a few requests to "nerf this" so I would like to hear about requests to "not nerf this".

Users: Are there any characters, costumes or systems coming to SSF4 AE 2012?
Ayano: Currently the focus is on SFxT and SFxT Vita.

Users: Please balance properly, as my expectations are high.
Ayano: We are aiming for great balance.

Users: Thanks for fixing Rufus, the game has become a lot more enjoyable now.
Ayano: While that may not be good news for Rufus players, I hope they understand.

Users: Don't forget Ryu's Donkey Kick!
Ayano: More balance changes are being considered, so please wait for the next official report from us.

Users: Why is it that I can't land Ryu's Shoryuken three times in one combo, but Raven can just loop his crouching Hard Punch over and over? Please fix the juggle limits.
Ayano: We are looking into changes into the air combo system.

Users: Please add a toggle switch for Quick Combos. They keep coming out by accident!
Ayano: Sounds stressful; we're looking into our options for this.

Users: Please port AE 2012 to the PSP!
Ayano: Sorry, but no plans exist for such a port.

Users: Please allow us to name our Endless lobbies whatever we want.
Ayano: A very difficult request, as the names could become vulgar and disrupt the online experience.

Users: Please put Karin in AE 2012 so we can have the Karin and Sakura dream Rival Match that commemorates the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter!
Ayano: Karin... is it possible for her to come to AE 2012?

Users: Please raise the Endless lobby limit from 6 to 8.
Ayano: We're a bit worried about the connection quality in such a circumstance. We'll take a look at it though.

Users: If you aren't going to release the new characters early, at least balance them in the meanwhile.
Ayano: We will balance the new characters in parallel with the existing ones.

Users: The next thing I expect to see from Capcom is Vampire [Darkstalkers]!
Ayano: At San Diego Comic Con, the reception for Darkstalkers was very spirited. I wonder if it would be the same for Japan...?

Users: You prioritized the Replay Analyzer before matchmaking, gems and character balancing? Did you want to really finish this game or not?
Ayano: We apologize if it seemed this way. Of course the game is not finished in that we want to keep adding content.

Users: Even after all the complaining about the Ultimate Defense gem, you're going to release it anyway? I guess we're just "If we can't see them, we can't hear them" to you. Is that right?
Ayano: I have certainly heard everyone's voices on the subject, and changes will be made.

Users: The matchmaking system is horrible. Have you never listened to your users regarding this? The online is also questionable.
Ayano: The index of ranking has always been BP. I hope you understand.

Users: Please make a new Darkstalkers.
Ayano: To create a sequel to such a masterpiece, many extremely difficult hurdles have to be overcome.

Users: I expect the same sort of SF4 balance to be done to SFxT.
Ayano: That's what we're aiming for.

Users: These gems don't work well in tournament settings.
Ayano: Not everything is designed exclusively for tournaments. From here on out though, we are considering tournament-use in our changes.

Users: In order to keep the fire of fighting games burning, please work on your presentation to not just the minds but the eyes of your users.
Ayano: Understood, we are trying to avoid the empty period after Third Strike once again.

Users: Darkstalkers are not dead! Right?
Ayano: Darkstalkers are most certainly not dead, but please let me focus on SFxT Vita for now.

Users: Nakki and Ono seemed to have vanished after SF4. I wanted to say to Ono "Thank you so much for reviving Street Fighter" I hope you two can work together to boost up the Street Fighter series like never before.
Ayano: Don't worry, Ono is not dead. And remember that it's not the producer that keeps Street Fighter alive, but the fans.

Users: Please add Rainbow Mika into the game.
Ayano: I would like to try it, but I wonder how successful I would be...

Ayano: Thanks to everyone who wrote in, but this will be the last time the blog is used in this method of correspondence. I would like to use it for a different purpose. Please tune in next week!
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