New Hori arcade stick that features LED lights, touch screen buttons and more, Hit Box tutorials, tutorial on how to stream from Cross Counter Asia

Posted by SFilp • May 3, 2012 at 6:26 p.m. PDT
Level|Up had a special guest Kaz from Hori USA to show off the new Fighting Edge arcade stick that features LED lights, a touch screen buttons (Start, Select, ect) and more.

The guys from HitBoxes have uploaded two new tutorials to show you how to do a sliding 360 and a sliding 720 on their arcade sticks.
Cross Counter Asia's cameraman has put a tutorial and unboxing video to teach you how to record and stream from Xbox 360 or PS3 using the AverMedia Game Broadcaster.
Tips submitted by neoWhite, rafael2487, USAtlas and some anonymous readers.

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