Major League Gaming Winter Championship 2012 results and battle logs for KoF13, SC5 and MK9

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 25, 2012 at 4:29 p.m. PDT
Major League Gaming Winter Championship 2012 results and battle logs for KoF13, SC5 and MK9 Updated: The final results for King of Fighters 13, SoulCalibur 5 and Mortal Kombat 9 can be found after the jump.

You can check out the live stream after the jump.

Major League Gaming is beginning their Winter Championship today. They will be holding tournaments for SoulCalibur 5, King of Fighters 13 and Mortal Kombat 9. This event will last throughout the entire weekend.

This event is collectively offering over $50,000 in prize money for their fighting games and some of the community's top players will be in attendance including EG|Justin Wong, TS|Sabin, DM|Xian, Zhi and many others.

The live stream will kick off at 5 p.m. EDT / 9 p.m. GMT. You can also check out the schedule for each day here.

We will be providing coverage for this event including results and a battle log for each game throughout the weekend, so check back periodically.

Hit the jump for the live stream, battle logs and results.


King of Fighters 13 — Top 8

1. IGL BALA (Billy/Clark/Iori, Billy/Shen/Iori)
2. eLive|Mr. KoF (Raiden/Ex Iori/Ex Kyo)
3. vVv Itz Romanc3 (Saiki/Yuri/Benimaru)
4. Arcade Shock|Reynald (Saiki/Ex Iori/Benimaru)
5. CMD_DUC (Iori/Hwa/Benimaru)
5. Justius (Ex Iori/Shen/Ex Kyo)
7. EG|Justin Wong (Athena/King/Benimaru)
7. Lil Majin

King of Fighters 13 - Battle log

• Grand Finals: IGL BALA (Billy/Clark/Iori, Billy/Shen/Iori) beat eLive|Mr. KoF (Raiden/Ex Iori/Ex Kyo) 6-2.

• Loser's Finals: eLive|Mr. KoF (Ash/Kyo/Mr. Karate) beat vVv Itz Romance (Saiki/Yuri/Benimaru) 3-1.

• Winner's Finals: IGL BALA (Billy/Clark/Iori) beat vVv Itz Romanc3 (Kensou/Benimaru/Yuri) 3-1.

• eLive|Mr.KoF (Mr. Karate/Benimaru/Ex Kyo) eliminated Arcade Shock|Reynald (Saiki/Ex Iori/Benimaru) 3-1.

• Arcade Shock|Reynald (Saiki/Ex Iori/Benimaru) eliminated CMD_DUC (Mr. Karate/Benimaru/Ex Kyo) 3-0.

• eLive|Mr. KoF (Andy/Ash/Ex Iori) eliminated Justius (Ex Iori/Shen/Ex Kyo) 3-2.

• Arcade Shock|Reynald (Kim/EX Iori/Mr. Karate) eliminated EG|Justin Wong (Athena/King/Benimaru) 3-0.

• IGL BALA (Billy/Clark/Iori) beat eLive|Mr. KOF (Ex Kyo/EX Iori/Shen) 3-1.

• vVv|Itz Romanc3 (Saiki/Yuri/Benimaru) beat CMD_DUC (Iori/Hwa/Benimaru) 3-1.

• IGL BALA (Billy/Clark/Iori) beat Arcade Shock|Reynald (Kim/Ex Iori/Mr. Karate) 3-0.

• eLive|Mr. KOF (Ex Kyo/Ash/Mr. Karate) beat EG|Justin Wong (Athena/King/Benimaru) 3-0.

• CMD_DUC (Benimaru/Mr. Karate/Kyo) beat Ryujin Flame (King/Ash/Leona) 3-0.

• vVv Itz Romanc3 (Yuri/Benimaru/Saiki) beat DM|Xian (Elisabeth/K'/Takuma) 3-0.

• IGL BALA (Joe/Clark/Billy) beat ZBeast (Yuri/Kyo/Vice) 3-0.

• EG|Justin Wong (Athena/King/Benimaru) beat NAH HAV (Ex Iori/Kyo/Andy) 3-0.

Mortal Kombat — Top 8

1. vVv CDjr (Johnny Cage, Jax, Smoke)
2. vVv Reo (Kabal, Johnny Cage)
3. VSM Maxter (Cyrax, Sektor)
4. Curbolicious (Johnny Cage, Jax)
5. VSM KT Smith (Smoke)
5. Riu48 (Sonya)
7. KN CrazyDominican (Kitana)
7. KN Detroit BallN (Shang Tsung)

Mortal Kombat 9 - Battle log

• Grand finals: vVv CDjr (Jax, Smoke) beat vVv Reo (Johnny Cage, Kabal) 6-5.

• Loser's finals: vVv Reo (Kabal) eliminated VSM Maxter (Cyrax, Sektor) 3-1.

• vVv Reo (Kabal, Johnny Cage) eliminated Curbolicious (Johnny Cage, Jax) 3-2.

• Winner's finals: vVv CDjr (Smoke) beat VSM Maxter (Johnny Cage) 3-0.

• Curbolicious (Johnny Cage) eliminated VSM KT Smith (Smoke) 3-0.

• vVv Reo (Kabal) eliminated Riu48 (Sonya) 3-2.

• Curbolicious (Johnny Cage) eliminated KN CrazyDominican (Kitana) 3-0.

• VSM Riu48 (Sonya) eliminated KN Detroit BallN (Shang Tsung) 3-0.

• VSM Maxter (Johnny Cage) beat VSM KT Smith (Smoke) 3-2.

• vVv CDjr (Smoke, Jax) beat vVv Reo (Johnny Cage, Kabal) 3-1.

• VSM KT Smith (Smoke) beat MasterD (Sonya) 3-1.

• vVv CDjr (Jax) beat EMP|Perfect Legend (Kung Lao, Raiden) 3-0.

• Curbolicious (Johnny Cage) eliminated EGP|Tyrant (Jax) 3-1.

• vVv Reo (Kabal) beat KN|Detroit BallN (Shang Tsung, Kabal) 3-2.

• GGA|Dizzy (Johnny Cage) beat EGP|Tyrant (Jax) 3-1.

• KN|CrazyDominican (Kitana) beat EMP|Tom Brady (Sub Zero) 3-0.

• GGA|Dizzy (Johnny Cage) beat GGA|Wafflez (Smoke) 3-2.

• EMP|Perfect Legend (Kabal) beat BlackMambaMoan (Cyrax) 3-0.

• vVv CDJr (Jax) beat EG|Justin Wong (Raiden) 3-0.

• EG|Justin Wong (Raiden) beat Chun FYE (Smoke) 3-0.

• Cerebru (Kabal) beat vVv Reo (Raiden) 3-0.

• Cerebru (Raiden) beat FNaticRc_Spike Mouth (Kabal/Noob Saibot) 3-0.

• Clint The Beast (Sonya) beat Juwaiian (Johnny Cage) 3-0.

SoulCalibur5 — Top 8

1. Keev (Nightmare)
2. RTD ATL (Natsu)
3. Shin Ryujin (Xiba)
4. Something Unique (Maxi)
5. LostProvidence (Misturugi)
5. WingZero (Xiba)
7. Kayane (Leixia)
7. ilTokyoli

SoulCalibur 5 - Battle log

• Grand finals: Keev (Nightmare) beat RTD ATL (Natsu) 3-1.

• Loser's finals: RTD ATL (Natsu) eliminated Shin Ryujin (Xiba) 3-0.

• RTD ATL (Leixia) eliminated Something Unique (Pyrrha, Maxi) 3-1.

• Winner's finals: Keev (Nightmare) beat Shin Ryujin (Xiba) 3-0.

• Something Unique (Maxi) eliminated LostProvidence (Mitsurugi) 3-0.

• RTD ATL (Natsu) eliminated WingZero (Pyrrha) 3-0.

• Keev (Nightmare) beat LostProvidence (a Patroklos) 3-1.

• Shin Ryujin (Xiba) beat WingZero (Xiba) 3-2.

• Something Unique (Maxi) beat EMP|KDZ (Maxi) 3-0.

• LostProvidence (Mitsurugi/a Patroklos) beat RTD ATL (Natsu) 3-2.

• Keev (Nightmare) beat Kayane (Leixia) 3-1.

• WingZero (Xiba) beat Mick (Leixia) 3-2.

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