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Svensson talks about the PC mod community for Capcom games, calling on-disc DLC something else

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 22, 2012 at 6:33 p.m. PDT • Comments: 89
Svensson talks about the PC mod community for Capcom games, calling on-disc DLC something else Addressing a few questions from fans of Capcom, Christian Svensson once again delved into the Unity Boards to talk about the PC modding community that has sprung up around their games, and calling on-disc DLC by a different name.
Why don't you embrace the PC mod community for your games? There's some great stuff done out there, you could use it to your own benefit. — Eternal

Svensson: I love the modding scenes that have popped up around our games and at some point in time I'd love to see us do more actively to enable those efforts.

That said, there's a lot of hand wringing within the legal and IP depts when it comes to modding though. The concept of a derivative work starts to muddy the water of who owns the product or the mods. Secondly, modding opens up the community to infringe upon others' IP (say, a skin for Ryu made to look like Goku from DragonballZ). If we're enabling that ability, we also need to be able to police it and remove those infringing pieces from the community as we could have the liability in those cases, which takes time and resources. I think there are ways to work around that via a EULA and stuff, however there's a large hurdle to get folks past.

Lastly, there's the emotional connection some of the producers have to their games. Rationally or not, they don't want people changing the experience or the characters they've labored for 2+ years over. I don't agree but I know I've had exactly this conversation with a few producers in Japan on that front.

Capcom should use different terminology besides DLC since it is clearly not DLC. Call it time-release content or anything else. — Nick

Svensson: Noted. Thank you for the suggestion.
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