Capcom: Some view DLC releases as gouging, others want more updates - where's the balance?

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 12, 2012 at 8:39 a.m. PDT
Capcom: Some view DLC releases as gouging, others want more updates - where's the balance? When responding to a question about the future of the Street Fighter 4 series, Capcom's Christian Svensson talked about the dilemma that publishers face with their content. He mentions that some of their fans view multiple updates as more of a good thing, while others feel like they're being gouged.

He also covers the subject of female stamina in fighting games, and why it's traditionally lower.

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Svensson: I'm not going to answer the question directly yet, but I'm going to instead ask a rhetorical question (or one and a halfish):

Some people view us releasing updates to our titles as "milking" or "gouging". Others actively request more updates and releases (as seen in this thread) because they love what we've made and would like more. And quite often both camps are upset when we don't do updates or offer additional post-launch DLC (even though some who complain are the same people who would hypocritically criticize us for "milking").

How do we serve both audiences, while at the same time effectively managing brand/genre strategy and also achieving our business objectives?

Lastly, this isn't a dilemma unique to Capcom. It is a tightrope that all publishers/developers walk. I'm hopeful that we will become better tightrope walkers in the future than we have been in the past.

Now, to answer the question (sort of), it's to be determined at this point in time. Such decisions are not made in isolation, but instead must be viewed through the lens such a product's impact and resource needs within our total fighting game roadmap.

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Svensson: Yeah, I don't think there's quite the bias you're claiming for but characters get balanced in different ways.

How much health a character has is just one parameter and it's far from the only parameter to look at.

Where do you think the balance point is on DLC updates? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Source: Capcom-Unity boards.

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