Skullgirls' current change list to training mode

Posted by SFilp • June 21, 2012 at 12:23 p.m. PDT | Comments: 33
Skullgirls' current change list to training mode Mike Z appeared on this week's episode of Ask Dr. SubZero where he showed off Skillgirls' new and improved training mode.

Here is a list the current training mode options added.
- Input Display (List / Realtime Stick / Both)
- Select Button function (Save+Load State / Dummy Record+Playback / Both At Once)
- Dummy Action (Manual / Crouch / Jump)
- Blocking (Never / After First Hit / Always / First Hit Only / Random)
- Block Type (High / Low / All)
- Pushblock (Never / After Anywhere From 1 to 10 Blocked Hits)
- Pushblock How Often (Once / Always)
- Throw Tech (Never / Always / After First Hit / Random)
- Ground Tech (Never / Forward / Backward / Random Dir)
- Escape Infinite Combos (Never / After Anywhere From 1 to 10 Burstable Hits)
- Dummy Playback (Once / Repeat / As Reversal)
- Dummy Playback Side Correction: Choose whether the dummy recording is treated as relative directions (D,DB,B) or absolute directions (Down,Down-Left,Left) when the dummy changes sides.
Hit the jump to see Mike Z on the Ask Dr. SubZero show, where he runs through a few of these. This episode contains some NSFW language.
List via Mike Z on the SRK forums and sent in by HooliganComboFTW.
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