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Tweaks to entire roster, Pandora system coming to Street Fighter X Tekken - Ayano reveals details during Q&A session

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 12, 2012 at 10:06 a.m. PDT • Comments: 93
Tweaks to entire roster, Pandora system coming to Street Fighter X Tekken - Ayano reveals details during Q&A session Updated with new details: Street Fighter X Tekken's entire roster will receive balance changes in the upcoming July 31st patch, Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano said recently, during a live stream from San Diego Comic-Con 2012.

He also talked about how they're looking at the time over problems that have so frequently come into play, by tweaking things like gray life recovery and making the timer run slower.

Ayano also addressed the auto-block and auto-tech throw gems, noting that these will be reduced in power considerably. To see a full transcript of notable details and check out the entire archive, hit the jump.

Transcript of notable details

• Capcom is looking at three key ways to solve the time over problems in SFxT, they are:

- Gray life recovering too fast.
- Increasing damage.
- Making the timer slower.

Nothing is set in stone and it could be a combination of multiple things that they use to fix this issue.

• The upcoming July 31 balance patch has changes for every character in the game. The entire roster is being balanced in different ways, some fighters have a lot or a few changes, but every person has been tweaked.

• The auto-block and auto-tech gems will take up more gem slots than they used to, in addition to the previously announced increased meter usage. Again, even if you block/tech correctly, these gems will still drain your meter.

• The DLC character release date was moved up because of fan and community feedback.

• Making Pandora mode useful is something they're looking into right now. They're aware that many people are not using this mode, and they went on to talk about how powerful Pandora was back in development of the game, especially in combination with gems. During development, whoever got Pandora first ended up winning. In the version of the game that shipped though, it ended up being too weak.

• The July 31st patch will NOT address Pandora.

• Over the next two weeks, they're going to cover more balance changes to the rest of the roster. Check out Capcom-Unity and the Japanese SFxT blog for those updates. We'll also post notes about these updates here on EventHubs.

• Lei and Christie have difference stances they can go into, so they're not exactly friendly for newer players who are just picking up the game.

From Capcom Unity's TwitchTV page.
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