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Street Fighter X Tekken gem stream archive, details transcript

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • January 13, 2012 at 2:58 p.m. PST • Comments: 101
Street Fighter X Tekken gem stream archive, details transcript Updated again: Some additional notes from Doopliss have been added into this story. If you missed any of the stream, notable details were transcribed in this story, also a stream archive is available if you want to watch this hour long stream yourself, just hit the jump.

Capcom-Unity streamed some Street Fighter X Tekken action this afternoon. Multiple Capcom staff members were on hand to run through the game, including the infamous gem system.

They talked various gameplay aspects and how their systems work, plus took some questions from the fans for a little while.

General Street Fighter X Tekken details

• The development staff said that Street Fighter X Tekken is Capcom's most ambitious fighting game project ever.

• If you buy Street Fighter X Tekken — this will be the only disc product Capcom releases. Any updates will be made available like they did for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, i.e. downloadable.

• If you're playing by yourself you might get a fight request from two people playing on the same console, there's no way to filter this out when playing online.

• The streamers said they didn't know what Yoshinori Ono was talking about when he said there was a new feature that would be announced today. They apologized and said Ono trolls them too sometimes.

Gem information

• If you block or tech correctly when you have a auto-block/auto-tech gem equipped, you do not lose meter.

• For charge characters, using the easy/super easy input commands does not change the commands for the fighters. So Guile can't do a one button Sonic Boom or Flash Kick. Capcom realized this would be a balance issue and didn't implement it.

• Using easy input gems reduces your damage by 10%. The idea is if you're new to fighting games, you'd start with the easy commands and then slowly take yourself off of them, as you get better at performing moves.

• Speed gems only affect your movement speed, not your specials. So Ryu cannot throw out fireballs faster or anything.

• You can't use the speed gem to perform an El Fuerte Run Stop Fierce infinite, as some people speculated might be possible.

• Capcom has heard the community's concerns about running gems in the tournament scene, they have a lot of plans in the works to address this that they will be announcing soon.

• Select the super easy input gem means you can't perform some moves, he mentioned Ryu's lunge punch is not available with this gem.

Gameplay notes

• It's harder to play with a partner than by yourself, because doing things like switch cancels and what not needs to be coordinated with the other player, timing needs to be very precise.

• In the current build of the game you can have a total of two wall bounces, after the second wall bounce the next attack you try to land can't be another wall bounce attack or it won't connect.

• They've modified the juggle/combo system so there are no infinite combos in the game.

• You can only do one launcher, if you try to do another one, it'll whiff — in some situations. If you do a naked launcher, you can still connect with another one after that, but in most other cases landing two launchers in the same combo doesn't work.

• You can cancel stringed moves into EX moves and supers, but not regular special moves. For Example: s.LP xx s.MP xx s.HP xx EX Hadoken.

• A lot of moves seem to have added effects on counterhit. For example Ryu's far s.HP and Ken's far s.HK crumple the opponent on counterhit. Dashing out of a lvl.2 charged Super charge gives you counterhit on your next move, and if you whiff a move, you lose the bonus.

• Pandora can be used mid-combo, you just can't cancel into it. Example shown where Ryu activates pandora after EX Donkey Kick, and Ken finishes the combo with a super.

Via Capcom-Unity. Submitted by CountAntonius, Failtron and Rodeddie.
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