Sven talks Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix and desire to create more 2D games

Posted by Nate 'Nyoro' Young • January 6, 2012 at 12:29 p.m. PST
Sven talks Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix and desire to create more 2D games Capcom Senior VP Christian Svennson answered some questions from fans today in Ask Capcom.

In the forums he discusses two things; one being some interesting facts about HD Remix and the possibility of creating more 2D games and the other being a firm stance on present PC game development when it comes to Games for Windows Live. Hit the jump for the second Q&A.
Please do another HD remix, maybe the alpha series (SFA3 max with Balrog etc). All the people I play HD remix with agree IV is lame. - Oliver

Svensson: Oh, man. I can't overstate what a tricky project HDR was. I'm happy with the outcome (critically, community wise, sales wise) but it was a really hard tightrope to walk and some points in development were really scary (like when we threw away about 2,500 frames of animation in various stages of completion because we weren't happy with them and started again).

And the consumer expectation bar has moved considerably. The costs of doing a project like that today, with the attention to detail/features that SF3:Online Edition had, it would be difficult for sales forecasts to shoulder.

That said, we'll see what the future holds. Creatively, I'd like to do more 2D stuff in the future like this.
Of the previous years Games for Windows Live supporters among publishers and developers, it seems that Capcom are the only ones still supporting it.

Now I do know about the issues people have with Steam and Steamworks, and I´m not interested in defending it. I would just like to know, do Capcom still feel that Games for Windows Live is they way to go with their PC titles, or are you exploring alternatives to it? - Yachmenev

Svensson: We'll see what the future holds. Too soon to say one way or the other. I can say our titles nearest the door will continue to make use of Games for Windows Live.
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