Capcom confirms support for the Stop Online Piracy Act

Posted by SFilp • January 4, 2012 at 2:22 p.m. PST
Capcom confirms support for the Stop Online Piracy Act In an email to Digital Trends, Capcom USA confirmed that they support the 'Stop Online Piracy Act.' If you don't know what SOPA is, you can refer to another Digital Trends article where Sony, EA and Nintendo drop their support of this legislation.
Capcom USA has confirmed with Digital Trends that it supports the contentious Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Nintendo, Sony, EA, and other members of the pro-SOPA Entertainment Software Association have so far remained silent on the issue.

Capcom USA supports the controversial ‘Stop Online Piracy Act,’ better known as SOPA, Digital Trends has confirmed. The endorsement verification follows a flurry of confusion surrounding support of the bill from other major game developers, including Nintendo, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony Online Entertainment and Electronic Arts.

Capcom, Nintendo, Sony, EA and 29 other game manufacturers are members of The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a Washington D.C.-based advocacy group that regularly lobbies Congress on behalf of its members. The ESA has endorsed the bill, and appears on the House Judiciary Committee’s official list of SOPA supporters.

Last week, Business Insider erroneously reported that Nintendo, Sony and EA had quietly rescinded support of SOPA — a detail that Digital Trends, and hundreds of other publications repeated. The BI report was based on the fact that their names did not appear on an updated version of the Judiciary Committee’s official list of supporters. The problem is that their names never appeared on that list — only the ESA did — making their removal impossible.
For the full article check it out over on Digital Trends.

Capcom's Christian Svensson replied to a question about his thoughts on on a previous, similar bill titled S.978 on the Capcom-Unity forums.

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