Street Fighter X Tekken notes and combo video teaser from Desk

Posted by SFilp • February 20, 2012 at 8:45 a.m. PST
Desk recently got his hands on Street Fighter X Tekken. He put together a short teaser trailer for his upcoming combo videos. The solo combo exhibition releasing on February 26th and the team combo exhibition releasing on February 27th.

Here's the teaser and an excerpt from his blog.

It seems like there's a been an effort to standardize hit boxes across most characters. Aside from cross ups and jump in heights, it doesn't seem like there will be a great deal of character specific combos/set-ups. Certainly nowhere near the amount present in SFIV. Good news for competitive and casual gamers, bad news for combo makers.

There's an interesting mechanic that only occurs up when maxing out the combo counter. The game also gives you an awesome message when hitting 99-hits but I don't want to ruin it here.

EX moves are generally super effective. A lot of characters even have loop-able patterns involving EX moves (ala Boxer's EX.Rush punch in SFIV). A good example of this is King's qcf+KK move that links into chains and then back into itself. Due to damage scaling, it's not often the best use of meter but it is fun and looks awesome.

Make sure you head over to Desk's blog for the full notes from the game.

Tips submitted by protoman pillz, Zerenade and duckmouth.

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