Sven a little bummed Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 didn't beat SSF4's sales, covers net code differences

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • February 3, 2012 at 7:26 p.m. PST | Comments: 76
Sven a little bummed Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 didn't beat SSF4's sales, covers net code differences Speaking in regards to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's sales performance, Christian Svensson said he was a little disappointed that the title didn't beat out Super Street Fighter 4's numbers in the same time frame. Sven went on to cover why the net code for MvC3 and SSF4 wasn't the same and the PC releases of Street Fighter X Tekken and AE v2012.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 sold 600,000 copies, is that satisfactory for you? Also, what's next for the game? — Greg

Svensson: SSFIV sold more in the same window. UMVC3 I would expect to have long legs. We ship a more every week and the North American market is the lion's share of the world wide volume. That said, I'm a little bummed we aren't on track to beat SSFIV. I had hoped the attractive price coupled with the Marvel brand during the holiday launch period would have broke us out more broadly. Don't get me wrong, we didn't do badly, but I still think the game deserves more, as good as it is.

I can't speak to what could be next right now. Sorry.

How did Capcom go from good net code SSF4 to worse net code MvC3? —

Svensson: Different teams and different internal people working on them, completely different producers (Niitsuma on MvC3/UMvC3 and Ono on SFIV, SSFIV, SFxT) and as a result, completely different directives and absolutely no code has been shared between them.
How come the PC version of Street Fighter X Tekken isn't being released right along with the consoles?

Svensson: Guys, if this were a digital only release worldwide, it would be a lot closer. That said, the timing of the physical manufacturing and distribution alone for parts of the world that will have a physical release, will cause make this much more difficult than it was for AE PC to sync it near the consoles.

The team and our publishing operations are doing what they can to keep this to a minimum. I would hope that we'll be able to give a more concrete timing around the time of the console launch.

Does this mean I will be able to walk into a store like Best Buy and get a copy of SFxT on the PC? — StriderSeven

Svensson: In North America, no. There will be no physical distribution. In Europe and Asia, there will be... and we can't launch digitally until they've got all of their ducks in a row with retail unfortunately.

Is there anything wrong with releasing digital only first, then physical? — StriderSeven

Svensson: Unfortunately, retailers will cancel/reduce orders if they're late to the party (understandably), which costs us revenue. They're unfortunately the slowest part of the value chain by the virtue of having to produce and ship goods around the world.

When the PC version of AE 2012 does finally drop, will it include the latest bug fixes or will the PC be behind yet again? — Eternal

Svensson: The PC version will have all of the other bug fixes. That's part of the delay reason on the PC side is the PC team had to wait to get the drop on those fixes before completing its update.

Let me check with Derek on more firm timing of the update.
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