Cross Assault announces seeding points for Evolution 2012

Posted by SFilp • February 3, 2012 at 1:53 p.m. PST | Comments: 16
Cross Assault announces seeding points for Evolution 2012 Capcom-Unity posted a blog with a small update on Cross Assault. Capcom has now teamed up with the Evolution 2012 and because of this announcement have extend the entry phase to become an contestant on the show until Wednesday, February 8th.

Here is a short excerpt from the post.
With the news that Street Fighter X Tekken is to be an official tournament game at Evo – the largest fighting game tournament in the world – Capcom and Evo are teaming up to offer Street Fighter X Tekken tournament seed points to the final four contestants of Cross Assault.

Tom Cannon, founder and organizer of the Evolution Championship Series had this to say:

“Cross Assault will be a great display of the drive and energy that fuels Evo and the whole fighting game scene. This is a great opportunity to see how top players approach a new game. I'm looking forward to seeing how the seeded Cross Assault players perform at Evo's Street Fighter X Tekken tournament.”
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