Free Street Fighter X Mega Man patch expected early next month, Sven discusses the rarity of Capcom's involvement in a fan-made game

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 31, 2012 at 11:38 a.m. PST
Free Street Fighter X Mega Man patch expected early next month, Sven discusses the rarity of Capcom's involvement in a fan-made game The Capcom forums have been quite active recently with users fielding their questions about various subjects, specifically Street Fighter X Mega Man glitches and getting Capcom's cooperation on other fan-made games. First up, Brelston mentioned that we can expect to see a free V2 patch for SFxMM early next month that will address some of the issues brought up by a Capcom forum user below.

1. If you lock your computer or close your screen with game running the video doesn't want to come back. You have to close the game and restart. I think it's an issue with your computer needing to refresh the screen.

2. If you get killed at the same time as you kill the last boss in the boss rush you can't re-enter their tube. You are stuck in the level. I'm not sure if this is a problem with any boss during boss rush or if it's just the last boss you fight.

3. The top of ladders don't seem to want you to grab them. Some full jumps are awkward.

4. Esc key should have a yes or no menu to safely close the game. I've exited on accident a couple times.

5. (Not really a issue since I don't do it, but) Urien can be easily killed by pausing game with mine sweeper explosion over him.

Brelston: Thanks for the notes. We're working on a V2 that should address some of these issues. Goal is to get it out to everyone early January, free as usual :)

Another user mentioned that he too is creating a fan-made game and wondered how he could possibly get it endorsed by Capcom. Sven jumped in to provide a little bit of clarity on the situation and explained how Street Fighter X Mega Man came to be.

Sven also states that more often than not, Capcom's legal department must shut down the development of fan-made games to protect copyrights. Street Fighter X Mega Man was a rare exception.

I'm currently working on a free-to-play fan game for the computer utilizing Game Maker. I saw that Megaman Vs. Street Fighter got endorsed by Capcom and I was very curious as to why this was and how it came about.

Does one apply for this endorsement?

What are the stipulations for such an endorsement?

What would I be receiving as a result and what would I have to give up?

Would such an endorsement lead to a Capcom sponsored port to Ipad/Iphone devices? (which of course, all proceeds would go to Capcom or whoever, natch)

Its something that has been on my mind for quite a while since I saw the Capcom officially endorsed a fan game, which is something they've never done before. So it mystified me and made me curious enough to register here and ask the question. Thanks for any response and/or help.

Sven: I have to make clear, we didn't endorse it. We bought the project outright, compensated the developers of the title, provided creative direction and feedback for the remaining duration of development, handled all QA, marketing and distribution. It was a collaboration. It was not an endorsement.

As I've mentioned in several media interviews, this was a fairly unique situation where the right project (SFxMM) came at the right time (prepping for the transition from one 25th anniversary to the next). It's not something that we're likely to be formalizing into an ongoing program.

Fan games are amazing but all too often, unfortunately when our IP/legal group hears of such things, they must often shut them down to defend IP rights (lest we be in jeopardy of losing trademarks/copyrights in various territories).

More often than not, it is better that we not be officially aware of fan project of this nature. This was a very special case where I was able to make everything work out.

Via the Ask Capcom and Mega Man forums.

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