Updated: Tournament of Legends ep. 2 - Super Street Fighter II Turbo documentary

Posted by SFilp • December 30, 2012 at 1:52 p.m. PST
Updated: RealMyop has uploaded episode 2 of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo Tournament of Champions documentary. Be sure to hit the closed captions button on the video for English subtitles as most of the video is in French.

Ronan "RealMyop" Letoqueux attened this year's Evolution 2012 tournament to document the Super Street Fighter II Turbo Tournament of Legends event. RealMyop interviews some of the best ST players in the world including Afrolegends, Damdai, Bogard and more. They all discuss various topics including matchups, the FT10 high stakes match and more.

This is the first episode in the documentary, unfortunately it's mostly in French but he has added English subtitles.
Hit the jump to check out episode 1.

Via iPlayWinner.

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