PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale pre-order costume packs available on PlayStation Network

Posted by SFilp • December 19, 2012 at 3:33 p.m. PST
The special pre-order bonus costumes for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hit the PlayStation Network yesterday.

You can now pick up costumes for the sixteen cast members or smaller character packs much like the Street Fighter series has done in the past. Below is the pricing for all packs.

Super Pack Costumes (Entire cast) - $14.99
Heroes Pack Costumes (Sackboy, Nathan Drake, Sir Daniel and Cole) - $4.99
Fun Pack Costumes (Toro, Nariko, Fat Princess and PaRappa) - $4.99
Classic Pack Costumes (Jack, Ratchet, Spike and Sly) - $4.99
Bad Dudes Costumes (Radec, Evil Cole, Kratos and Sweet Tooth) - $4.99

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