Spooky: IPL has had rocky edges with their streams, but they have good people there - Capcom feels 25th anniversary was a huge success

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • December 11, 2012 at 9:52 p.m. PST
Gootecks caught up with Spooky (Victor Fontanez) of Team Spooky fame at the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary grand finals tournament to talk shop about some recent happenings in the fighting game community. Spooky explains why he has taken a break as of late and his thoughts on streaming EVO again this year.

Victor also gets into the subject of IPL picking up Capcom fighting games, noting that it's a good thing for players, but they've had some rocky edges to their streams so far. He added that he knows that they can do better, as there's good people in the organization and they're working hard, but wants to see them step up, similar to how Capcom did with their recent tournaments.

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Gootecks also spoke with Capcom's Matt Dahlgren, where he covers the 25th Anniversary tournament and some of the struggles they had putting things together. Dahlgren said the 25th Anniversary series was definitely a success, but added he was disappointed that they weren't able to get GR|Breno Fighters over here because of visa issues.

He noted that when Breno Fighters won against Tokido, some of the audience members were crying because they were so happy, and that having a representative from Brazil meant a lot for their community out there, and Capcom is going to try their best to make it up to them. Check out the entire piece below.

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