Updated: Recap of our first monthly EventHubs chat session - covers some important questions, future of the site and much more

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 6, 2012 at 3:51 p.m. PST
Updated: Recap of our first monthly EventHubs chat session - covers some important questions, future of the site and much more Update: If you happened to miss the chat session earlier today, our favorite IRC overloard Kuei has posted the entire log from the event. While the entire log is a giant wall of text, FatMus2 went through and recapped some of the more important questions that were asked.

On December 4, 2012, we here at EventHubs held a live chat session on our IRC channel at 12 Noon PST / 7 p.m. GMT. Catalyst, SFilp, TheUncharted and myself will all be in attendance.

This chat session was to field any questions you had for us, whether it was about the Fight Tracker, future of the site or any other subjects.

Since the turn out was pretty good, we will be conducting them once a month so long as we get participation from the EventHubs users. We have no set dates yet, but we will let you know once we have decided.

Question 1). ZombieBrian: When do the forums get a design update?

Catalyst: Currently we are working on the Fight Tracker, but we will work on adding an option to implement the new design layout and also keep the old one.

Question 2). OmegaZero: What Kind of updates will the Fight Tracker get?

Catalyst: The next thing to be launched is a stats page which shows the most popular games in the community. We're not sure when the Character data (ie the characters each player uses) will be launched but it's being worked on.
TheUncharted: Characters should be coming some time in the near future.

Question 3). Kewlname: Will there be a way for people to add their PP to the skills section in the Fight Tracker?

Catalyst: The main concern is that there isn't actually a way to make sure the data entered is accurate. We are considering looking into pulling data off of the XBL/PSN servers but that's a long way off right now.
SFilp: We thought with PP constantly changing it wouldn't be a good idea having users edit it all the time.

Question 4). Tokime: Will there be a way to differentiate active and inactive players in the Fight Tracker?

TheUncharted: That's coming in the near future. We will have a way to identify who is active and who is on 'standby'.

Question 5). SlapMyAssAndCallMeSally (yeah that was actually his name ): Can we have the option for different color schemes? I miss the old black and blue.

Catalyst: We have a lot of requests for this and this will be addressed in the future.

Question 6). Random Anonymous mib: Will there be a feedback system for the Fight Tracker? For example if I want to meet SFilp and it turns out he's a shady guy, it'd be nice to warn people.

Catalyst: Yes. We won't unveil plans for that just yet though.

Question 7). PandorasCrate: Will there be a search function to search for members by name?

Catalyst: We want to add something like that in the future. But for now you can use the site's existing search feature to search for users by name; type in their name and the profile should come up.
TheUncharted You can type in the url https://www.eventhubs.com/profile/ and then put in the profile name at the end. (for example https://www.eventhubs.com/profile/SFilp )

Question 8). PandorasCrate: Does EH have merchandise?

Catalyst: Merchandise is coming.

Question 9). USAtlas: What do you think Fighting Games will evolve into in the next 8 years?

DreamKing23: I feel the community is growing stronger, and if we can get to the level of competitive gaming to the likes of StarCraft we'll be around for a long time.

Question 10). USAtlas: How did EventHubs begin? Was it just you and then people started jumping on board?

Catalyst: At first it was just myself and a few family members. Nyoro came to the site a few years later, and then DreamKing23, SFilp and TheUncharted came a few years later.

Question 11). FatMus2: Where are you guys based?

Catalyst: Most of us are in California while Nyoro is on the East Coast.

Question 12). FatMus2: What game do you guys main and who are your characters?

DreamKing23: SSF4AEv2012 and I'm EventHubs' best Dudley player!
SFilp: UMVC3 and I play Spencer/Frank/Vergil.
Question 13). ZombieBrian: Can the timing for these chat sessions be varied for convenience?

Catalyst: Yes.

Question 14). _SilentBob_: Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi?

Catalyst: Empire all the way.
DreamKing23: It's been a long time since I've seen them but I gotta go with Empire.

Ideas that may be considered for the site
Analogos: How about in the Fight Tracker players can put their preferred playstyle? (For example rushdown, zoning etc.)

FatMus2: A new section on the Main Page that deals with content not directly related to the games. For example the main news page could deal with content such as match videos, combo videos, tournament streams, interviews, trailers, release information, guides etc. while the new section would deal with Fan Art, parody/comedy videos etc.

DreamKing23: A monthly EH lobby that will be streamed, where the games are changed up each month.

Shoutouts to Zombiebrian for the idea, Kuei for the logs and FatMus2 for the recap.

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