Inside Gaming Awards 2012 nominates Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Best Competitive Multiplayer and Skullgirls for Best Animation

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 1, 2012 at 12:48 p.m. PST
Machinima's Inside Gaming Awards 2012 will be taking place on December 8, 2012, and the nominees have been revealed. Among the various categories, two particular fighting games have been nominated and are eligible to win awards.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been nominated for Best Competitive Multiplayer and is up against other titles like Call of Duty Black Ops II and Halo 4. Skullgirls is running fro Best Animation along side games such as Resident Evil 6 and Max Payne 3.

You can check out the remainder of the categories and nominees for this year's Inside Gaming Awards by clicking the link above.

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