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Assist tiers for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 by the EventHubs community

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • August 24, 2012 at 12:16 a.m. PDT • Comments: 50
Assist tiers for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 by the EventHubs community We've compiled the assist tier rankings for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that we asked the EventHubs community to contribute to on the forums.

A huge thanks goes to Zombiebrian, Fatmus2, Whitty, Caliostro and JetX for compiling these listings and running the polls. These guys by far did the most heavy lifting and really put a lot of effort into this project to make this happen, so they very much deserve a shout out for their efforts.

The poll is broken down into 5 letter grades with S being the highest and D being the lowest. Please keep in mind the rankings are sorted alphabetically within each letter grade. The entire list is available after the jump for you to check out, but here's a quick breakdown of how many character's assists were put into each letter grade, out of the 150 total.

Note: For powered up assists, like Hsien-Ko's and Arthur's, keep in mind that the effectiveness of the assist and also how difficult it is to power it up were also taken into consideration in the overall letter grade.
S rank: 9
A rank: 27
B rank: 72
C rank: 40
D rank: 2

S ranked assists

Akuma B - Hurricane Kick
Amaterasu S - Cold Star
Dante A - Jam Session
Doctor Doom B - Hidden Missiles
Frank West A - Shopping Cart
Haggar A - Double Lariat
Rocket Raccoon Y - Pendulum (Log Trap)
Sentinel A - Sentinel Force (Charge)
Strider Y - Vajira

A ranked assists

Arthur B - Dagger Toss
Chun-Li Y - Lightning Legs
Dante Y - Weasel Shot
Deadpool B - Katana Rama
Doctor Doom A - Plasma Beam
Doctor Strange B - Eye of Agamotto
Doctor Strange Y - Bolts of Balthakk
Hawkeye A - Quick Shot (Greyhound)
Hsien-Ko A - Pendulum Swing
Hulk B - Gamma Charge (Anti-Air)
Iron Fist Y - Rising Fang
Iron Man A - UniBeam
Iron Man B - Repulsor Blast
Jill B - Arrow Kick
Magneto A - Electromagnetic Disruptor
MODOK A - Barrier
MODOK B - Balloon Bomb
Morrigan Y - Dark Harmonizer
Nova B - Centurion Rush
Phoenix B - TK Overdrive
Ryu Y - Hurricane Kick
Shuma-Gorath A - Mystic Ray
Spencer B - Wire Grapple (Slant Shot)
Taskmaster A - Aim Master (H. Shot)
Trish B - Peekaboo
Wesker B - Samurai Edge (Lower Shot)
Vergil Y - Rapid Slash

B ranked assists

Akuma Y - Dive Kick
Amaterasu Y - Bloom
Arthur Y - Fire Bottle Toss
Captain America A - Shield Slash
Captain America Y - Charging Star
Chris Redfield B - Gun Fire
C. Viper B - Seismic Hammer
C. Viper Y - Burning Kick
Dante B - Crystal
Deadpool A - Quick Work
Doctor Doom Y - Molecular Shield
Dormammu A - Dark Hole
Dormammu B - Purification
Felicia A - Rolling Buckler
Felicia B - Sand Splash
Firebrand A - Hell Spitfire
Frank West Y - Pick Me Up
Ghost Rider A - Chain of Rebuttal
Ghost Rider B - Heartless Spire
Ghost Rider Y - Hellfire
Hawkeye B - Trick Shot (Violet Fizz)
Hawkeye Y - Ragtime Shot (Kamikaze)
Hsien-Ko B - Gong Reflect
Hulk A - Gamma Wave
Hulk Y - Gamma Charge
Iron Fist B - Crescent Heel
Jill Y - Somersault Kick
Magneto B - Hyper Gravitation
MODOK Y - Psionic Blast
Morrigan B - Soul Fist
Nemesis B - Deadly Slam
Nova A - Gravimetric Pulse
Nova Y - Nova Strike
Phoenix A - TK Shot
Phoenix Y - TK Trap
Phoenix Wright A - Paperwork (High)
Phoenix Wright B - Press the Witness
Phoenix Wright Y - Get 'Em, Missile!
Rocket Raccoon A - Spitfire Twice L
Rocket Raccoon B - Claymore
Sentinel B - Sentinel Force (Bomb)
Sentinel Y - Rocket Punch
She-Hulk A - Torpedo
She-Hulk B - Clothesline
Shuma-Gorath B - Mystic Stare
Spencer A - Wire Grapple (H. Shot)
Spencer Y - Armor Piercer
Spider-Man A - Web Ball
Spider-Man B - Web Swing
Storm A - Whirlwind
Super-Skrull A - Stone Smite
Super-Skrull B - Orbital Grudge
Super-Skrull Y - Tenderizer
Taskmaster B - Aim Master (Parabolio Shot)
Taskmaster Y - Aim Master (Vertical Shot)
Thor A - Mighty Spark
Thor B - Mighty Smash
Trish A - Hopscotch
Trish Y - Low Voltage
Tron Bonne A - Bonne Strike
Tron Bonne Y - Bandit Boulder
Viewtiful Joe A - Voomerang
Viewtiful Joe Y - Bomb Toss
Wesker A - Ghost Butterfly
Wesker Y - Jaguar Kick
Vergil A - Judgment Cut M
Wolverine B - Berserker Slash
X-23 A - Neck Slice
X-23 B - Ankle Slice
Zero A - Sword Uppercut
Zero B - Fireball
Zero Y - Vortex Dash

C ranked assists

Akuma C - Fireball
Amaterasu A - Solar Flare
Arthur A - Heavenly Slash
Captain America B - Stars & Stripes
Chris Redfield A - Combination Punch
Chris Redfield Y - Grenade Toss
Chun-Li A - Fireball
Chun-Li B - Up Kicks
C. Viper A - Thunder Knuckle
Deadpool Y - Trigger Happy
Doctor Strange A - Daggers of Denak
Dormammu Y - Liberation
Felicia Y - Cat Spike
Firebrand B - Demon Missile (M)
Firebrand Y - Demon Missile (H)
Frank West B - Tools of Survival (L)
Haggar B - Violent Axe
Haggar Y - Steel Pipe
Iron Fist A - Dragon Touch
Iron Man Y - Smart Bomb
Jill A - Flip Kick
Morrigan A - Shadow Blade
Nemesis A - Clothesline Rocket M
Nemesis Y - Rocket Launcher
Ryu A - Shoryuken
Ryu B - Fireball
She-Hulk Y - Somersault Kick
Shuma-Gorath Y - Mystic Smash
Spider-Man Y - Spider Sting
Storm B - Double Typhoon
Storm Y - Lightning Attack
Strider A - Ame-No-Murakumo
Strider B - Gram
Thor Y - Mighty Strike
Tron Bonne B - Gustaff Fire
Viewtiful Joe B - Groovy Uppercut
Vergil B - Rising Sun
Wolverine A - Tornado Claw
Wolverine Y - Berserker Barrage
X-23 Y - Crescent Scythe

D ranked assists

Hsien-Ko Y - Weapon Toss
Magneto Y - Force Field

If you want to go further, you can scope out the characters tiers we did for UMvC3 a little ways back.
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