Daigo shares story of arcade beginnings, meaning of friendship

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 26, 2012 at 8:42 a.m. PDT
Daigo shares story of arcade beginnings, meaning of friendship Translating another part of Daigo's book, The Will to Keep Winning, Kotaku posted a story sharing a bit of Umehara's past, including his arcade beginnings and an unlikely friendship. Here's a snip.

According to his story, when Daigo was in his first year of junior high school, he was already an avid gamer and a regular at a video arcade. Having no local arcades around his home, this particular arcade required that Daigo take a train to get to it. In elementary school Daigo had been the boss of his class, but in junior high school, with classmates joining athletic clubs to play soccer or baseball, he became more of a loner, and by the end of junior high school, there was hardly anyone he could call a friend at all.

At the arcade, though, Daigo found he could be himself. Few people who regularly went to video arcades were "well-rounded" individuals and most had problems of their own. Arcades were places where people went to escape the harshness of reality. Daigo, who felt he had no place in school, found himself at home there. Back at school, social norms dictated what sports to be interested in, what TV shows to watch, what music to listen to, and what was popular was more important than personal tastes. But in the arcade, Daigo found himself among like-minded people he got along with because of a common interest they already shared.

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