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Ono preparing for 'new something', following up on modifications to Street Fighter X Tekken

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 16, 2012 at 8:40 a.m. PDT • Comments: 71
Ono preparing for 'new something', following up on modifications to Street Fighter X Tekken Proceed with a bit of caution here, as Ono's tweets can't always be taken directly at face value, but he recently spoke on Twitter that he visited Taipei, in Taiwan, and is making a presentation for something new, and is also following up on modifications to Street Fighter X Tekken.

Christian Svensson covered who owns the rights to Karin and the sales numbers for SFxT, in this recap of posts from Capcom employees.
Ono: I visited at Taipei just now. I'll make preparation for new something... So, we're follow up about making modify for Street Fighter X Tekken.

I actually believe that the Karin character is owned 100% by Capcom, they just didn't use her lately. — Shed a Ninja

Svensson: I would need to check with legal but I believe this is true in Karin's case. A better place to ask this question would be directly to Ono via Twitter as he may have better insights.

[Editor's note: Ono has said previously that Karin's copyright is actually owned by a Manga artist, but that doesn't necessarily stop them from using her, but that the situation becomes difficult contractually.]

Street Fighter X Tekken had what appears to be a somewhat bumpy start according to media create, NPD, and chart track sales. Overall estimates put sales between 500k and 650k across both platforms in all 3 regions combined. Given the nature of fighting games as a more niche market title, but also faced with the fact it is a cross over title using two of the biggest fighting game franchises. Was Capcom able to meet its projections? — Eternal

Svensson: Guys, I can't comment on sales but I will say that you're looking at the wrong metric for how we book revenue.
Sources: Ono's Twitter, Unity Boards.
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