Svensson covers Street Fighter X Tekken's netcode patch, PC benchmark tool and BBB rating for Capcom

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 13, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. PDT
Svensson covers Street Fighter X Tekken's netcode patch, PC benchmark tool and BBB rating for Capcom Saying that most of the feedback he's heard for Street Fighter X Tekken's latest netcode patch states that the online play for the game is mostly unchanged, sans for fixing the sound issues, Capcom's Christian Svensson gave another rundown of posts on the Unity Boards. He also lightly touches on Capcom's Better Business Bureau rating dropping, and adds that there will be an in-game PC benchmark tool for SFxT.

Capcom said it's either smooth netcode OR sound. With that in mind, many want to know if the "soundfix" has any negative impact on the netcode, like input delay or less rollbacks (desync) or anything else? — zUkUu

Svensson: The patch should be live... as far as I know, it's still roll-back/fixed input (not variable input delay based). As I understand it (and my understanding to be honest is somewhat limited so take this with a grain of salt) it's an issue of having sounds trigger and play through frames that get dropped or rolled back.

In short... I'm not sure why there's concern. Download the patch and try it for yourself. Most of the feedback I've seen is that the network play is largely unchanged but just that the sounds work as intended now.

How do you feel about Capcom's Better Business Bureau rating falling cause of the problems with Street Fighter X Tekken? — SDZero

Svensson: Sorry, but there's no benefit to us (or to our consumers) by commenting on this.

How long does it take for stores to get pre order DLCs for the games? I pre-ordered a game that already released, but since they ran out they said they would call to give me the codes and they haven't, so how long does this process take? — GuerreroUMS

Svensson: Frankly, I'm unsure. In general, we hand over codes or other pre-order incentive items to a given retailer that is sufficient to cover their pre-orders and what happens after that isn't something that we have a lot of visibility into.

Will there be a benchmark tool for Street Fighter X Tekken on the PC? — iAskTheHardQuestions

Svensson: Update: spoke with Derek a few mins ago... indeed there is a benchmark in-game for SFxT so folks can optimize their settings for 60fps goodness.

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