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ShinJN from Level|Up reviews the Soul Calibur 5 Hori arcade stick

Posted by SFilp • April 4, 2012 at 2:23 p.m. PDT • Comments: 7
ShinJN from Level|Up reviews the Soul Calibur 5 Hori arcade stick ShinJN from Level|Up has put togethe a really nice arcade stick review for the Hori Soul Calibur 5 stick. He discusses everything you'd like to know from build quality to mod-ability.

Here is a short except.


Bottom Panel Access: Unlike the original HRAP series of sticks, unscrewing the bottom panel gives you full access to the inside of the stick. This makes it much more convenient to do maintenance on the stick if needed.

Changing the Buttons: Changing out the buttons is very simple thanks to the open design of the inner case. Remove the bottom panel, remove the button connectors, pop out the buttons, and replace to your liking.

Changing the Joystick: The mounting bracket accommodates the standard JLF-P-1 mounting plate. Nothing is covered so you can easily replace the JLF PCB, restrictor gate, and other various parts of the JLF. If you want to use a Seimitsu stick, you will need to use one that uses the MS or RE mounting plate.

Dual-Modding: There is plenty of room inside the case to add a few more PCBs for those wishing to dual-mod their sticks. All of the soldering points on the PCB are large and open for your hungry soldering irons.
Check out the full article over on Level|Up's website.

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