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Phoenix Wright & Nova details from Seth Killian's demo

Posted by SFilp • October 13, 2011 at 6:29 p.m. PDT • Comments: 53
Phoenix Wright & Nova details from Seth Killian's demo Seth Killian jumped onto the Capcom-Unity stream today during New York Comic-Con and gave everyone a pretty detailed demo of Phoenix Wright and Nova.

There is a lot of information on Phoenix Wright and some for Nova here.

Hit the jump to see a full transcript of what was said.

Phoenix Wright

A - Paperwork - Direct - Front
B - Press the Witness - Direct - Front
Y - Get 'em Missile! - Shot - Front (hit's low)

• Three different modes.

• Investigative Mode, Courtroom Mode and Turnabout Mode.

• Investigative and Courtoom Mode's can be switched between by press Down, Down+S

• Turnabout Mode can only be activated with the correct evidence and from Courtoom Mode.

Investigative Mode

• Only has one special move during this mode, he will bring out Maya to help.

L - Maya puts up a deflector.
M - Maya slides hits low and OTGs.
H - Maya does same slide as M, but slides for a bit longer.

• Cannot call Maya out while she's already out, if you do Phoenix Wright will slip and fall (same properties work with the super)

• Find evidence by pressing S+A.

• If you've collective correct evidence it will light up, if wrong it will stay dark.

• Throw evidence by press S+A again.

• When looking for evidence you can find meat, it will heal Phoenix Wright.

• There are around 15 different pieces of evidence currently.

• Can gather evidence in under 1 second if you're lucky.

Courtroom Mode

• Gives a different set of specials.

• Pressing S+A will create a projectile based on your evidence for that button, all of the evidence has different properties.

• Can do a "Hold It" move and it will randomly stun the opponent.

• If you land an H (Objection) while in this mode and you have the correct evidence you will then powerup into the turnabout mode.

• If you have wrong evidence when you do an objection, you will turn purple and start to sweat, i.e. be stunned for a little bit.

Turnabout Mode

• You have a time limit in this mode.

• Every normal produces a giant finger hitting 3/4 the screen.

• If a jumping finger hits it will cause ground bounce.

• Using the level 3 will use all your evidence so you'll be reverted back to investigative mode.

• The timer for this mode will not deplete while tagged out.

Hyper (Super) Moves

• Maya's hyper can be used in both Investigative and Courtroom mode.

• Judge Gavel hyper can be used only in Courtroom mode also OTGs.

• Level 3 hyper can only be used in Turnabout mode, hits basically entire screen and will OTG. Doing 600,000 points of unscaled damage.

Normals & Throws

• Every normal has a ridiculous amount of animation.

• Launcher has about 48 frames of animation.

• Short dash.

• Forward + M will do a buttslam that's an overhead, can cancel with other normals.

• Can combo by himself after throw in corner without OTG.

• Midscreen he can call Maya to OTG, with assist can continue combo.


A - Gravimetric Pulse- front - Shot
B - Centurion Rush - Down forward - direct
Y - Nova Strike - front - direct

• S+A will launch a lance into the air that tracks pretty well.

• One of his gravimetric pulse special's will create an "Aegis Reflector" type of shield.

• 8 way air dash that can be cancelled at anytime with any moves.

• Jumping S can generate a lot of hits and a lot of hit stun scaling.

• Centurion art attacks (unsure which buttons do which)
basic low hit that OTGs.
will wall bounce.
will crumple.
one that will launch.
does a dive kick type of motion, doesn't need to be blocked high.

• Can OTG with air Centurion Rush.

Hyper (Super) Moves

• Beam and ball of fire hypers use his red life to do extra damage, there are 3 different stages of this.

• Beam Hyper, kind of like Ryu's.

• Flame Ball hyper, like Super-Skrulls.

• Rush/Charge hyper, can be directed in up to 3 different directions.

• All hypers can be done on ground or in the air.

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