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Analysis of Street Fighter X Tekken's teaser trailers from BGS

Posted by SFilp • October 8, 2011 at 2:59 a.m. PDT • Comments: 173
Analysis of Street Fighter X Tekken's teaser trailers from BGS Capcom released three Street Fighter X Tekken teaser trailers earlier during the Brazil Game Show. There appears to be three Street Fighter characters per trailer, but this would make a total of nine characters partially revealed at BGS, which seems unlikely.

Looking at the trailers, it seems some of the characters shown are troll attempts, i.e. people thrown in to throw off viewers at home — as they have background stages and other things recycled from the Street Fighter 4 series, and show the previously disconfirmed character Dan.

To help make sense of everything going on in these trailers, check out our analysis below.


In one of the trailers, multiple images of Balrog are shown before a collage image with him on top along with a few other fighters on the left and right of his boot are also depicted.

You can see the cut outs on the left and right in the collage shot (the last image) appear to be of other fighters, the right image resembles R. Mika, and the left shot shows a character with a background from Street Fighter 4.

It seems odd that Capcom would include an image that has the same background as in SF4, and so it appears that the images to the left and right of Balrog on the collage screen are nothing more than troll attempts to throw people off track. Since R. Mika's arm looks like a 3D render, it's possible she'll be making an appearance in the background (like Sodom) or as something else...

Balrog's foot is in the top position in the collage shot, which is something worth noting as we proceed.


Juri's trailer follows the same format as Balrog. You can see multiple images showing her various body parts and then a collage shot with Dan and C. Viper. Again, the Dan and C. Viper images are from the SF4 series, as you can see parts of the background from that game in the images below.

In the collage shot (the last image again), you can see Juri's glove shows one of the new Street Fighter X Tekken stages. Juri's glove, like Balrog's foot, is in the top position on the collage screen.


Vega was also shown predominantly in one of the trailers.

The images that show Dee Jay and the mecha Zangief skin both have Street Fighter 4 series backgrounds, which makes it seem unlikely that these fighters are in SFxT. And again, Vega is featured in the top position in the collage shot.


Scattered throughout the trailers are various clips of stages from the Street Fighter 2 and 4 series. You can see Balrog and Vega's stages from SF2 and also the East Asia - Festival At The Old Temple, which is located in Korea. This backs up Balrog, Vega and Juri (Korea is her homeland) being in Street Fighter X Tekken as well.

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Contributions to this story by DerQ, Catalyst and Dragonite.
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