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Updated: Fight breaks out at tournament, 3 week ban instituted

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • March 29, 2011 at 9:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 183
Updated: Fight breaks out at tournament, 3 week ban instituted Updated: Noel Brown wished to say some things about what went down, his thoughts have been added into this story.

During the Break Weekly #101 tournament, a fight broke out between Noel Brown and Eric "Smooth Viper" Arroyo. The stream announcers and people running the tournament denounced what happened, and both players were reportedly banned from these events for three weeks. After the tournament ended, Noel apologized on the stream.

Because Noel threw the first punch, he was disqualified from the tournament, but Arroyo was allowed to continue. According the commentators, if this happens again a lifetime ban will be instituted.

Real life violence at tournaments has been very rare in our community, but sometimes people let emotions get the best of them and stuff happens that shouldn't. The tournament organizers were very quick to react, though, and clean up this situation.

One of the commentators also said that the owner, Chris Cotty, works very hard to keep The Break going, and it's very difficult to keep arcades running in the USA, so please do what you can to support this organization that reacted quickly and handled the situation.

Here are Noel Brown's thoughts on the situation. Note: These are Noel's thoughts alone, they've only been edited for grammar and foul language.
Noel Brown: First of all, I have no beef with Smooth Viper or anything and we actually hang out outside of tournaments. I know the video shows one thing but only the people there saw how it really went down. First of all, Erik loses first round to 10star... and everything is sweet.
No one says anything to him for losing or anything. Then I play Felix from Philly and of course Erik is talking [crap] cause I'm losing and he's saying how he hopes I lose and join him in the losers bracket.

Now this part doesn't affect me at all. So I end up losing and I shake the guy's hand and all and I turn around and I see Erik take the stuff I took out of my pocket at the beginning of my match so the stick would sit flat on my lap and he puts it over his head and slams it to the floor and yells something else.

Now I talk [crap] so I don't get when someone else does it but I never take it to the point where I'm touching someone or their stuff. After that happens Mike Infinite calms me down and I just go up to Erik and say, "If you say anything to me or touch any of my stuff again, I'm going to [mess] you up," and I just walk away.

So Liston, Chris Matrix and Josh Wigfall all lose and Erik doesn't say a damn thing to them and I'm like oh everything must be good. Then I play and again, I'm about to lose and what do i hear over my loud ass music? Erik again talking [crap]. Now in my head I'm thinking, "Everyone else lost and he didn't say nothing. He must think I'm a [wuss] or something and I'm not gonna do [crap] cause hes bigger then me," so I end up losing and I shake Damien's hand.

Then I walk over to Erik and punch him in the face and we start fighting. That's what happened. It wasn't a sucker punch because I told him before that I would do it if he bothered me again and it wasn't because he talking [crap].

It's cause the he decided to single me out out of everyone else that was there cause I guess he felt as if I wouldn't do or say anything. Erik and I talk [crap] to each other all the time and we never get close to fighting or anything. It's just the fact that he threw my personal belongings on the floor and I was clearly angry about it and instead of just leaving me alone he continued to keep going even after I told him to stop. If I'm the bad guy for this then who cares. I'm sure other people would have done worse if someone slammed their [crap] on the floor.
Story originally mentioned by MarkMan and Zombiebrian.

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