Capcom's Svensson clarifies rules for tourney organizers

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 20, 2011 at 3:27 a.m. PDT | Comments: 19
Capcom's Svensson clarifies rules for tourney organizers Capcom's Christian Svensson recently spoke about the rules tournament organizers should follow when hosting competitions that feature their games. He also talked about the Vs. series, and when users who experienced a delay in receiving MvC3 from the official store will hear about getting their copy of the Brady Games strategy guide.

Here's the low down from the Unity Boards.
[A question was asked about fighting game tournaments and if they need to attain permission from Capcom to play their games at them. Usually, permission is not needed, but if you're running a for profit tournament, there are different rules, which Christian Svensson explains below.]

Svensson: I'll add a caveat... if you're charging sponsors or otherwise running a "for profit venture" in competitive gaming using one of our games in the competitive scene, it does indeed require an official license (read: contract and approval) from us.

Failing to do so will end up with folks being on the receiving end of a cease and desist. It has happened several times in the past few years.
On another matter alluded to earlier in this thread by another member: Does Capcom see the MvC franchise to be a direct follow up to X-Men vs. Street Fighter, or are they separate entities?

Also, what are the chances of the original game appearing on both download services in future? — Linkyshinks

Svensson: I'm not sure what "Capcom" as a whole considers as I don't think collectively we've sat down and come to consensus on it. I personally think of the MvC series like this:

Marvel Super Heroes

I personally look at the Xmen vs. SF and Marvel vs. SF as off-shoots from the main branch.

And if your question is "the original Xmen vs. Capcom" game, I'd say zero due to licensing issues. If it's the others I've mentioned above, there's a least a chance of that happening. The licensing barriers aren't there.

Does everyone who ordered MvC3 from Capcom get a copy of the Brady Games guide? — Smashbro29

Anyone who didn't receive their copy by Tuesday (the release date in North America) should be getting a guide.

Svensson: If you qualified, you'll be contacted soon. We've got the guides on order from Brady. When they're in the warehouse, you'll be contacted if you're eligible.

To be clear, we have a delivery criteria threshold but it is not Tuesday.

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