Marvel Madness results and stream archive

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Marvel Madness results and stream archive Marvel Madness, a tournament in Calgary, Alberta, Canada took place this weekend. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 were some of the games being played there.

The live stream was being ran by Vesper Arcade. Players in attendance included EG.Justin Wong, Marn, Air and Gootecks.

Visit the link below to see an archive of the tournament stream, along with some results.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — Singles results

1. EG.Justin Wong (She-Hulk, Amaterasu, Tron Bonne)
2. Marn (Magneto, Zero, Sentinel | Zero, Sentinel, Phoenix)
3. Detrimantix (Spencer, Sentinel, Wesker)
4. Hai (Sentinel, Doctor Doom, Phoenix)

Super Street Fighter 4 — Singles results

1. Air (Ryu)
2. EG.Justin Wong (Adon, Dan, Makoto, Akuma)
3. Marn (Dudley, C. Viper, Ryu)
4. Jozhear (Vega)

Team USA won both the MvC3 and SSF4 team tournaments.

Archived videos from this tournament are available on

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