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YouTube sharing in Street Fighter 3 Online Edition one of the last big reveals

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 23, 2011 at 12:25 a.m. PDT • Comments: 24
YouTube sharing in Street Fighter 3 Online Edition one of the last big reveals The intricacies of the YouTube sharing function will be one of the last major features to be revealed for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition, according to Capcom's Christian Svensson. He responded to handful of fan questions about the game on the Unity Boards, this evening running through details about the submission process, how GGPO was implemented and things of that nature.

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How does the YouTube sharing work? — Chaosx2

Svensson: You'll see at a later date... closer to release. That's one of our last big reveals.

How long did it take Ono and his team to add GGPO in this game? — Shinkuu Kikoken

Svensson: The Iron Galaxy team is based in Chicago and the project was conceived from the ground up by folks in this office with GGPO at the heart of it. The process of making that happen wasn't an "it starts here and ends there" process. Engineering tasks toward this began at the start and optimization didn't finish until the very end of the quality assurance process... so it was the most of the duration of the project or so. Ono has been incredibly supportive and excited by what the team has accomplished.
Would it be possible to implement "double points weekends" for rankings like they have in games such as Halo? — ibLeo

Svensson: That's a really good idea actually. Unfortunately, for that to happen would take a content server solution, which is not currently implemented or planned. That said, that's a good idea I'll be stealing for future conversations on other products.

Can we disable the hip hop music in SF3 Online Edition's menus and select screen, or replace it? — Cube

Svensson: Sorry, but no.

Is there a typical time frame for the XBLA/PSN Store submission process? — Genis Sage

Svensson: As a rough rule of thumb for digital titles, first submission to prop for us has typically been about 7 - 10 weeks depending upon how many resubmissions it takes to get approval (if any) and how many other titles are in the queue before you competing for slots. In this particular case, there's also the issue of "black out" windows for Summer of Arcade on XBLA (which you have to be invited to by MS... for clarity's sake SF3 is not a part of MS's summer of arcade).

Secondly, for Sony you have to submit for approval in Japan, North/South America and Europe separately. If you're trying for a global, simultaneous cross platform launch, you can't plan your launch until the very last one is approved.

Lastly, to provide crystal clarity, you can not get an official date from Sony or MS until you have approved code. So the reason why we haven't provided a firm launch date is that we don't have one confirmed from first parties. We have a window that we're targeting, that we think even in worst case scenarios is achievable, but until we're approved and slotted, we just don't know for sure.

So it might be pushed to Fall if it takes too long. :( — Regulas

Svensson: Bite your tongue. :P

I wonder. Is this the last we'll see of the SF3 series? — True Ryu

Svensson: Frankly, I'd suspect that would have to do with the popularity or lack thereof of this title. Not really a question I could answer today.

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