Life bars to be changed in Street Fighter X Tekken, let Capcom know about GGPO

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • June 23, 2011 at 5:28 p.m. PDT
Life bars to be changed in Street Fighter X Tekken, let Capcom know about GGPO VegaMan caught up with Seth Killian at the NorCal Regionals #9 to ask a few questions about Street Fighter X Tekken and he sent in a transcript of their conversation. Here's the run down.
VegaMan: When can we expect the next major update regarding Street Fighter X Tekken?

Seth: We should have a little something at Comic-Con and EVO is coming up soon as well.

VegaMan: How does the scaling work in SFxT when you are hitting both of your opponent's characters at the same time?

Seth: It's not set yet.

VegaMan: Will the life bars be changes to be a bit more visible in SFxT?

Seth: Yeah, we're doing something about that. We understand having orange on orange with glowing orange borders is not easy to see.

VegaMan: I've noticed a lot of timeouts in both E3 and here. Will anything be adjusted like life bars or damage because of this?

Seth: Remember MvC3? Everyone said that was going to be a problem then, but it's not much of a problem now. The problem is that people just didn’t know how to play the unreleased game yet. They hadn't learned the good combos, or the strong mix-ups. It's the same thing now. Since most of them have only played for a few minutes, or maybe an hour, nobody really knows how to play the game yet. The timeout situation will probably resolve itself as people learn how to play it.

VegaMan: What do fans need to do to ensure that GGPO is incorporated into future Capcom games? In particular, fighting games?

Seth: I've been pushing that ever since I came to Capcom four years ago and it took until Street Fighter 3 Online Edition to actually get implemented into a fighting game. One of the problems is that with 3D game like SFxT, we are basically using all of the PS3's processing power. And although it's very difficult to incorporate a rollback function I don’t believe it's impossible. If fans really want something like this implemented then the best advice I can give is to tell other people at Capcom. Internally I suspect they just think I'm crazy, and they're tired of hearing me go on about it, so if it's important to you, let everyone else know.
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